Alicia Brunskill

Alicia writes about a variety of topics including mental illness, languages, education and cats. She also loves writing poetry and fiction. Alicia lives in Rutland, England with her partner, cat and dog.

Find her on Twitter: @aliciabrunskill

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The Pressure of New Year
3 months ago
After Christmas and surrounding New Year there’s a pressure to change your life, make resolutions, chart the progress you’ve made, celebrate the passing of the past year and welcome the new one. It’s ...
Emerging from a Long Period of Poor Mental Health
3 months ago
Recently I’ve had a few good days in a row, more than my usual sporadic one good day in the straddling mess of bad ones caused by anxiety and depression. I feel different, like I have a purpose and mo...
Stuck in a Winter Loop
4 months ago
If you’re anything like me, as soon as the weather turns a bit colder and the days start getting a bit darker, your body starts to shut down. It doesn’t matter how much I love walks in the cold, crisp...
Creating a Website for the First Time with WordPress
4 months ago
I’m not a computer wiz so I’ve been using WordPress to create my first website. It’s taken me on a very rewarding journey so far. As well as teaching me some skills, it’s reminded me how fulfilling it...
Nellie the Rescuer Cat
4 months ago
In another story, I wrote about how I came to adopt my cat, Nellie, and described some of the impact she had when our lives became mingled with each other. In that piece I touched very briefly on her ...
When Muted Emotions Give Relief
4 months ago
It might sound a little bizarre at first, how can dampened emotions provide any kind of relief? Why would you welcome that "nothing zone" from depression where all you do is function? There’s no spark...