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Latest Smart Home Trends And Technologies

by Shirley Wilson 10 months ago in list

Looking to renovate your home? here are some latest trends in order to make your home smart.

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It seems like most of us are still living in the 20th century as we are not following the latest trends and technologies that have contributed a lot in making our lives easier and improving our living standards. The first home automation system was introduced in 1966 but the device failed to win over its audience due to its high price.

But now technology has evolved greatly. Many companies have struggled not only to deliver the best quality but also to make it affordable. All thanks to their continuous hard work that we are now able to apply these smart solutions to our home and offices. Here are some of the best and affordable smart home technologies you need.

• Smart Health Care For Your Elders

Your elders need extra care especially in today’s busy life when both men and women are competing to have a better life. Companies like Apple, Fitbit, and Xsens, etc. are offering health wearables that aim to track the physical activity and health of the person wearing them.

Such wearables involve Apple smartwatches, smart wristbands with sensors by Fitbit, wearable ECG, and Blood Pressure monitors, etc. Some of these devices also send data to your doctor if the patient falls or needs some emergency treatment.

• Smart thermostats

Almost everyone is familiar with this latest technology that not only controls your indoor heating and cooling but also saves a good amount of your budget. Nearly half of your monthly utility bills account for maintaining indoor temperature. The best solution is to install a smart thermostat that can be controlled from your mobile device.

You can also adjust them to turn off after reaching a specific temperature. Furthermore, these smart thermostats can be paired up with smart home automation systems and so you can also operate them with just a single voice command. Don’t forget to visit ThermostatLab.com to find honest reviews about the latest smart thermostats.

• Smart lights

Another best innovation to turn your home into a smart home is a smart light. These lights can be controlled from a mobile application or simply with a voice command by connecting them with the central hub. You can adjust their intensities and color according to a particular theme. Also, you can use color-coordinated alarms to wake you up with a particular color in your bedroom.

• Home security smart doorbells

Have you ever seen such doorbells that also work as a security guard? Let us tell you about such amazing innovations that have made life economical, fast, and easier. Many companies such as Nest, Ring, August, Arlo, etc. offer such smart doorbells that also work as a security camera.

These smart devices also have face recognition feature and so they can detect unfamiliar faces. In case of any intruders, the device will send notifications on your mobile phones. You can also start a video communication with the person at the door as these doorbells also contain microphones and speakers.

• Smart TVs

Smart Televisions have revolutionized the way we use TVs. In the past, you could only watch a few programs on particular channels. However, with the advent of smart TVs, you can enjoy whatever you want by wirelessly connecting them with your laptops. Also, a smart TV can connect to Wi-Fi allowing you to watch your favorite programs and series on Netflix, etc.


Shortly, these smart devices help you to modernize every corner of your home. With the above listed and many other smart home technologies like robot cleaners, smart appliances, etc. you can make your life a lot more comfortable. Home automation systems are also one of them which allows you to control as these devices with just a single voice command. These central hubs are easy to operate and a must-have if you have smart devices in your home.

Shirley Wilson
Shirley Wilson
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