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SkyBell Wifi Video Doorbell Protects Your Home

Need a better doorbell system for constant protection over your house? See exactly why you need the SkyBell wifi video doorbell today.

By C.C. CurtisPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Whenever I travel—which I do more frequently than most—my house is usually left unattended. I generally don't ask anyone to house-sit or have any of my family members or friends check up on my home, because I'm usually gone for weeks, not just a couple of days, and that's a big favor to ask.

Even though I love my time spent away from home, I still obviously care for it. I don't want anything happening to my place when I'm away. I've already invested in the best safes for my home to store my belongings, but what about the house itself? I wanted to get my hands on a great and super reliable security-like system that will constantly keep me aware of who shows up to my place when I'm away to work or traveling. Even if it's the mailman doing his duty, I still want to know who's showing up to my door.

Ever since I heard about SkyBell, I knew I needed to get it before my next trip. I tested it out when I was away at work and I couldn't be any more pleased with what the system offers me. If you need a new doorbell system, I highly suggest checking out the SkyBell wifi video doorbell; it's one of the best smart home security devices you can buy. You won't believe what this one system can do for you whether you're at home or away.

The SkyBell includes a free app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to receive alerts. When someone presses the doorbell, you'll automatically receive an alert notifying you that there's someone at your door. In addition to the alert it still functions as a normal doorbell, triggering a ring in the home; but you'll also receive an alert on your smartphone for double the awareness.

You can see, hear, and speak to your visitor.

Whether you're at home or in the office, the SkyBell wifi video doorbell gives you the ability to see, listen, and even talk to any visitor that shows up to your door. Most doorbell systems don't provide you with these nifty advantages. This is really useful when you notice an unfamiliar visitor showing up at your house and you want to know who they are before opening the door.

You can do all three with the free app that's installed into your smartphone. When you're away, you can speak to whomever shows up to your door. When you have a package delivered, when the delivery man rings the doorbell, you can tell him where to leave your package. You'll never have to get up again to see who's at the door when you have SkyBell installed.

You can video record for free.

Does any other doorbell system give you the ability to record videos for free? Wait, is there even a doorbell system that features a camera with clear vision to begin with? The SkyBell wifi video doorbell allows you to video record straight from the doorbell's camera for free, making this one of the must have cameras for your smart home.

If a really suspicious visitor arrives at your front door, you can record them using the camera. Plus, after SkyBell records each video, you can download them and watch them at any time.

There's color night vision.

If your front door doesn't have much light, it can be tough to see who your late-night visitor is. If you thought that SkyBell's camera only works well during the day, then think again.

The SkyBell wifi video doorbell system can withstand the darkest night and give you a clear vision of your visitor through its precise night vision. You’ll feel an extra sense of security knowing that you can see a visitor in the night time. In addition, the camera doesn't give you a black and white view, but full-color HD video, even in night-vision mode!

It features live monitoring.

Whenever I'm traveling, I know I like to use the SkyBell wifi video doorbell just to watch anyone that's at my front door. I know it's weird, but I want to always protect my house even when I'm far away from it. Even when I don't receive any alerts, I still want to check if there's anything going on in front of my home. What's great about this doorbell system is that it provides me with live monitoring.

This means that the camera doesn't only work when the doorbell is rung; constant live video is accessible at any time of the day. As long as I have wifi connection, I can watch my front door after receiving the alert.

You can snap photos with it.

The SkyBell wifi video doorbell doesn't only give you the privilege to record videos from the camera, but snap photos, too! What's great about this advantage is that whenever I notice an unfamiliar visitor at my door, I can snap a photo of the person and send it to my girlfriend (she stays at my house occasionally) to ask her if she knows the person.

However, this isn't the only way I take advantage of the doorbell. If there's an unfamiliar guest that both my girlfriend and I don't know, and this visitor comes consistently, I can snap a photo of the visitor and show it to the authorities. Hey, I'll take advantage of anything if it keeps my house safe.

The SkyBell can withstand weather conditions.

SkyBell seems like a really complex and top-quality technology system. Even though it's so advanced, don't think that rain, heavy winds, or really low temperatures can ruin the system. The SkyBell wifi video doorbell is so tough that it can withstand the most rugged weather conditions.

When it's pouring out, you don't have to worry about SkyBell getting messed up from the water. Even if it's below zero degrees or over 100 degrees in weather temperature, the doorbell can handle it. SkyBell can handle temperatures between -40 and 140 degrees F, which is practical for the majority of the environments we live in.

It features a motion sensor.

Sometimes, there are shady people out there that don't ring the doorbell and just linger by the door. I don't know if these people assume that I know they're at my door, but I can now with SkyBell's featured motion sensor. There are times when the delivery man doesn't ring the doorbell to show that a package arrived, so the SkyBell does the ringing for him and alerts me through my phone. This way, it provides extra protection over your house whenever anything is going on outside of your door.

Multiple users can receive alerts.

When there are multiple people living under one roof, those people can also receive alerts from the doorbell. The SkyBell wifi video doorbell alerts multiple people at once who are hooked to the system.

If you, your spouse, and even your children want to get notifications from SkyBell, you can easily connect their smartphones with the system. Now, when your kids' friends come over, they can fetch the door.

The SkyBell also has quiet mode.

Lastly, SkyBell wifi video doorbell can be set to quiet mode. If you have a baby in the house who is very sensitive to noises, you can switch the doorbell to quiet mode to prevent your baby from waking up.

I try to take naps as much as possible, and when I do, I don't want to hear a single sound. I'm a light sleeper, no matter how exhausted I am, and if I hear my doorbell ring, I'll be fully awake. Whenever I'm napping or sleeping at night, I always set my doorbell to silent mode so the ringing doesn't occur, but I still get alerts from my phone.

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