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Memories that cannot be forgotten

By Alfian Permana PutraPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

On a quiet afternoon, the sky turned a somber shade of gray, thick clouds rolling in like an unstoppable wave. The first drops of rain began to fall, lightly tapping on the windows of Mia's small apartment. She sat on her cozy, worn-out couch with a cup of steaming tea in her hands, staring out at the unfolding downpour.

Mia had always loved the rain. It was more than just weather to her; it was a reminder of simpler times, of memories that floated back into her mind with each drop that hit the ground. She took a sip of her tea and let her thoughts drift back to the days when she was a child, playing in the rain with her best friend, Jake.

They lived in the same neighborhood, just a few houses apart. Every time it rained, they’d race outside, their mothers' warnings about catching colds long forgotten. They’d splash in puddles, make boats out of leaves and sticks, and pretend they were pirates on a grand adventure. The sound of rain was their soundtrack, and they were the heroes of their own little world.

One particularly vivid memory surfaced. It was the summer they were ten years old, and the rain had been relentless for days. The two of them decided to build the biggest, most magnificent fort they could imagine. They gathered every blanket, pillow, and piece of furniture they could drag outside and set up camp under the old oak tree in Jake's backyard. The fort was their castle, their hideaway from the mundane world.

They spent hours huddled inside, sharing secrets and dreams. Jake wanted to be an astronaut; Mia dreamed of becoming a writer. They promised each other they’d always stay friends, no matter what. They even made a pact, sealed with a solemn pinky swear.

As the rain continued to fall that afternoon, Mia smiled at the memory. Life had a way of pulling people in different directions, and though they had drifted apart over the years, she never forgot those moments. They had a special kind of magic, the kind that stayed with you no matter how much time passed.

The rain outside grew heavier, the rhythmic patter turning into a steady beat. Mia glanced at the clock and realized she had been lost in her thoughts for almost an hour. She got up, placed her empty tea cup in the sink, and decided to take a walk. There was something about walking in the rain that always made her feel alive, connected to those childhood days.

She grabbed her raincoat and umbrella and stepped outside. The air was cool and fresh, the scent of wet earth filling her lungs. She walked through the quiet streets, past the houses that had once been her playground. As she approached Jake's old house, she noticed it looked almost exactly the same, a comforting constant in a world of change.

Mia stood there for a moment, lost in nostalgia, when she heard a familiar voice. “Mia? Is that you?” She turned to see a man standing on the porch. He was older, of course, but she recognized him instantly. It was Jake.

“Jake! Oh my gosh, it’s been ages!” she exclaimed, a wide smile spreading across her face. They ran to each other, hugging tightly, the rain forgotten in their reunion.

They decided to catch up inside, out of the rain. Over cups of hot cocoa, they talked about everything – their lives, their dreams, and of course, their childhood adventures. It felt like no time had passed at all. The years melted away as they laughed and reminisced, sharing stories that seemed both distant and recent.

Jake had become a pilot, traveling the world, while Mia had followed her passion for writing and had a few published books under her belt. They marveled at how their dreams had changed shape but remained rooted in those rainy days of their youth.

As the evening wore on, the rain outside began to taper off, but the warmth inside Jake’s house grew. They made a pact to keep in touch this time, to not let life’s currents pull them apart again.

Mia walked home that night with a full heart, the rain having washed away the years of distance between her and Jake. She realized that sometimes, the best memories are the ones you don’t just recall, but relive. And the rain, with its gentle reminder of the past, had given her back a piece of her childhood and a friendship that was never truly lost.


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  • Sweileh 8887 days ago

    Interesting and delicious content, keep posting more now

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