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Dave Smith16 days ago
Cannabis Could Be Legal in the UK in the Next 5-10 Years
Three British MPs predict that cannabis will be made fully legal in the UK within the next 5-10 years. Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative), David Lammy (Labour) and Sir Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrats) ma...
Vala Rogers18 days ago
Are There Skeletons in Your Closet?
As a society held together through the latest trends on social media, a society that views an average of 4000 advertisements per day in first world countries, it is easy to be pulled into the consumerism mindset. Has it ever crossed your mind how your clothing got to you? Do you ever think of the materials involved? Who crafted it? How much they were paid? These are all things I want you to start thinking about, things I want you to consider while making a purchase; after all, what kind of world...
Erika Farrah18 days ago
'The Tudors' Costumes Part 1
Over the years, I have watched the Showtime series The Tudors many, many times. I have learned one thing while watching the series for many times, and that is that the fans of this show and of history...
Missy Conley19 days ago
How Legalizing Cannabis Can Help All of Us Emotionally Heal
Legalization is not only about sitting stoned on the couch all day people. The generations that have suffered through war fighting for this country have everything from PTSD to pain in their bodies th...
Maria Vikse22 days ago
A Battle Over Diamonds: Are Synthetic Diamonds Valuable?
Their more affordable price has attracted customers and massively increased their popularity. But how valuable are they, and can they be a replacement to the real, mined diamonds?
En(capsule) My Wardrobe!
This was not a new problem in my household. Closets upon closets of clothes. Living in Canada, the problem is exacerbated by the accoutrement that accompany our four season lifestyle. Now multiply tha...