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The Health Benefits of Hemp
We are just beginning to understand the amazing benefits of hemp. It’s a great bonus that this superfood also happens to be sourced from a plant that’s easy to grow organically because of its natural ...
Yvonne Glasgow16 days ago
How to Find Your Own Clothing Style
My mom picked my clothes out when I was a kid. I grew up wearing used and thrift store clothing. I was made fun of in school, especially when I was a teenager, for not having cool “mall” clothes. I ch...
Areyo Dadar16 days ago
How to Make Your Own CBD Oil Edibles
CBD is a fantastic herbal extract with medicinal value, but not everybody is comfortable smoking or vaporizing it. This isn’t a problem because you can take CBD oil in many ways, including in food and...
Kylene 17 days ago
10 Runway Looks You Need to See
Fashion is ever changing. That’s what’s so great about it. These runway looks are some of my personal favorites that I thought I’d share.
Riley Raul Reese17 days ago
10 Laundry Tips from Fashion Designers
I have a very nasty habit when it comes to my clothing, and it's one that I am currently working very hard to break. It's a habit that costs me money and also detracts me from being able to look my be...
Matthew Evans19 days ago
Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
The state of California recently had the issue of whether or not to legalize all forms of marijuana use as a ballot measure during the last election. At the ballot box, people seem either too embarras...