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Why You Should Never Drive On Edibles
Okay guys, here's a fun little story that's been hanging on the tip of my tongue at every social event for the last year and a half. The day my best friend and I lost our minds. I'd been associated wi...
Kels M19 hours ago
10 Free Things to Do While Super Baked
Hey, stoners! I am here to tell you some great little things to do at least once while stoned. All of these are free so you don’t have to worry about spending a dime! And away we go!
L.A. Confidential by Freddy's Fuego
It pays off, talking with your budtender. Build a good rapport with them. A little bit of conversation goes a long way. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some smoke truly worthy of uttering “wow” after ...
Ryan Jennemann2 days ago
Decisions, Decisions... How to Consume Your Cannabis Flower
You’ve made it to the dispensary, asked the budtender all the questions you had prepared, and finally picked out some of that delicious smelling XJ-13 the budtender recommended to you for anxiety reli...
Skunk Uzeki3 days ago
What to Know About Ohio's Marijuana Legalization
Ohio is one of the many states that recently decided that it's time to legalize cannabis — and yes, courts have agreed to overturn laws banning it for all use. Though Ohio has decided to greenlight (h...
Kels M4 days ago
Being a Productive Stoner!
Who said stoners have to be unproductive? Not me! Stoners can be just as productive if not more than any sober human out there and here is how!