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A curated selection of warm tones, festive patterns, and cozy accessories that balance fashion and functionality for the chilly months ahead.

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They don't call it sweater weather for nothing. Once autumn rolls around, chunky knits, flannels, and denim reign supreme. There's nothing I love more than a good pair of jeans and a fat fisherman's sweater to transition into the cold seasons, and I look forward to layering up with outerwear and accessories the second I feel the first chilly gusts of the year.

And when I start feeling like my winter wardrobe is getting a little stale, or I'm in need of some style inspo, I know where to turn. Our creators are always on top of the trends, and they have some of the best advice for styling, accessorizing, and doing it all on a budget—and as the head of content curation here at Vocal, I get to see it all. I've rounded up some of the best stories about fall and winter trends this year submitted by our creators to help you put your most fashionable, snuggly, chelsea-booted foot forward this season.

Give them a read, leave a tip for the creator that offered your favorite style advice, or share a perfectly curated autumn OOTD of your own.

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For more fashion tips, celebrity looks, and the latest trends, explore Styled, a community for fashion lovers.

Kiana Murden has some great tips for refreshing your autumn wardrobe, along with a few example recommendations.

Grace Tyler's 2018 trends are great for year round, but most—plaids, pastels, and the all purpose mom jean—can be easily transitioned into winter.

Kayleigh Scanlon shows you how to make the most out of what you've got by emphasizing prints, statement coats, and accessories, perfect for colder weather.

Salvatore Giangreco-Marotta includes basic staples and wardrobe tips to keep in mind when styling outfits.

John Ryan looks at the good and the bad in the fall/winter collection of the biggest name in streetwear.

Letitia-Leigh emphasizes statement layers and comfy athleisure in her everyday must-have guide.

Creator Mountains & Sun rounds up a bunch of put-together styles that are the perfect mix of cozy and elegant, all relying on one staple piece.

Jeans, to me, scream fall fashion—perfect for pairing with chunky sweaters, colorful flannel, and layered jackets—and April Demarco guides you through choosing the right ones this year.

Sasha Konikovo offers a whole list of unique jeans, and there's something here for every curvy girl out there.

Amanda Stamper knows that and that mom jeans are super in-style right now. Here are the best ways to style them.

Boyfriend jeans are the other side of the trendy jeans coin, and Nicola P Young tells us how to style them for any look.

Nicola also has some awesome pointers to pull off this style that's so fashion-forward it feels un-pull-off-able.

Chelsea Pullano has a comfort-first suggestion for boots of any style and price range.

Chelsea boots are the easiest, most versatile footwear to take you through the seasons, and Morgan E. Westling has rounded up the comfiest of the bunch.

Men's suit jackets, blazers, and vests are perfect for layering, and Nikki Ziehl shows you how to style them for any body.

Watches aren't fall and winter specific, but they sure do make nice holiday gifts; Toni Koraca offers 10 sleek styles for anyone to make a statement.

Sunglasses also make awesome holiday gifts, and they're a necessity for driving on a sunny day, especially when the ground is snow-covered. Kioko Leonia lists ten to add to your Christmas list.

Megan Portorreal offers an encyclopedia of warm weather accessories you need with both super warm and super stylish iterations of each.

Raven Yule shares everything you need to know about keeping warm, French- girl style.

Amanda Zylstra shares everything you need this year to complete your look with a full fall beat, featuring purples, cranberries, and mauves for the colder months.

Kennedy Kovalick knows that even your autumn-iest layered 'fit isn't complete without a dark lip. Here are her top five recommendations.

This isn't a must-have, but it's certainly a must-see. Grayson Articles is skeptical of these "monstrosities," but they look pretty cozy to me.


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