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Sporadical dreamer intending to write his way into a career. No bullshit and no fake news! Just reactionary articles to certified news stories relating to sports industry though may get cocky and venture into other realms, hope you enjoy! 

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6 months ago
Languages are sacred and have evolved through the centuries, sometimes for the better and certainly for the worse on occasion. When it comes to the downsides, one word being butchered in recent times ...
The Short Walk Home
7 months ago
Walking the short journey from the bus stop to my house for the millionth time, I become suddenly drawn into the characters that I encounter on this short trip, little more than a minute from stepping...
Sweet Nose Warmer, Bro!
7 months ago
I fully support those who use initiative and are actively attempting to provide a service for us in society through the creation of new products and inventions. But I simply cannot get on board with t...
'27-0 vs 50-0.' Khabib Calls out Mayweather! But Why...?
7 months ago
Fresh from outclassing Conor McGregor and then almost causing a full scale riot within the T-Mobile Arena at UFC 229, seemingly fearless Khabib Nurmagomedov has now turned his attention to undefeated ...