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This life is so crazy, I overpay in rent. More than 30 percent.

I pay 400 in rent when I should be paying 260.00 in rent or even less than 260.00!!

By Angelina F. ThomasPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
This life is so crazy, I overpay in rent. More than 30 percent.
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I need to get myself an actual piggy bank so when I put my wealth into it I can finally break it open with a hammer that I fancied up with pictures and rubber cement and then see a trillion bucks in my wallet. I pay way too much in rent it is ridiculous and I attempted to reason with the dude that I pay rent to but He is so hooked on the four hundred every first of the month and he won't let me reduce my payments to 30% of 914.00. What I get per month is considered to be a fixed income. I am very bitter about living paycheck to paycheck but he doesn't know that April's payment will be short. He will find out abruptly then cuss me the fuck out and get my excuses for it which are extra food and groceries that I never buy because I spent the cash on rent. What I should be paying in rent is $274.20 cents and Jim McPherson 111 is being unreasonable even though I am the one who suggested 400 he said at first no rent I am fine without it. So it is partly my fault I was being a cunt hair too generous and now he won't let me reduce down to 274.20 and it pisses me off so badly.

Like I said previously life is crazy. I am going to be so glad when things start going as they should instead of walking on eggshells all the time because of God knows what (I want to leave certain things unspoken because I don't want my audience to feel some type of way.) I need all the love help and support I can reap though because I am going through a lot and have been for years. Ever since I caught two felonies I have had a lot of things in my community not be so damn fair such as jobs, housing, and certain things I still need even though I caught some felonies back in the day. I guess in the year 2030 or 2035 since my record will be more sealed by then in the year 2030 to 2035 so hopefully, by then I will have the opportunity and wind to finesse myself into a luxury like efficiency or better just to enjoy a new home for myself and be safe and not chronically homeless and without my needs being met and get to enjoy the furniture I have now such as my $800.00 big sturdy dresser and my desk for my laptop computer Chrome Book os HP type. I want to replace my all-white chrome book with an all-white new chromebook that is a cunt hair smaller than the one I own and I want it to be all-white or red or a gorgeous barbie pink or purple. Maybe even orange??? I need a smaller chromebook for real just to impress me and others too. I need to pay way less rent just to get the fuck ahead like quickly I need to come up financially and I will force Jim by spending 274.20 automatically and I will explain. I will make him my spectacular mean lean Angus beef bacon cheese stuffed meatloaf as soon as he tells me he is near Beechmont ave coming all the way back home from Boston I will make him a spectacular meatloaf dinner with green beans and loaded mashed potatoes and the appetizer or the sweet tease before dinner will be Tyson chicken of the sea tuna mac and cheese mine and Jim's one of many favorite dishes we love to eat when we need to eat. I just pray to God that when Jim gets back home he will be on his best behavior and I won't have to slap the horn ball out of him. I have lost nearly 15 pounds recently and it feels better I am taking my medication every day I am taking B-12 and Vitamin D3 vitamins, especially for my health and my energy. I fell at Paycor stadium and it was because I need B-12 vitamins to give my stamina the boosts it needs. If I had eaten my egg omelet breakfast that I should have eaten I would not have fallen at work. The day before an omelet got me through the whole day until I got home. Plus of course, when I cooked my breakfast I used like 5 to 6 eggs sauteed onions, and some shredded cheese so I had got a healthy start the day before when I went to work I didn't have s spell or fall, but the second day I tried to work without eating, it messed my whole day up. I love the fuck out of Kambucha mango lime by Kevita. It makes my gut feel like my gut is in heaven when I drink bold & smooth Kavita Kambucha, other brands of Kambucha do not do it for me. Starting in April I am paying Jim $274.20 and he better not complain. It is only fair that I pay my friend 30% of 914.00 until I get my money up, and my felonies are sealed so I can do better as far as housing or attempting to supplement my short-ass little bitty-ass crazy income. Living on a fixed income can be indulgent and very fun when you choose to save up properly and hoard your money in secret and supplement that income every chance you fucking get. I need to get ahead and I plan on doing just that.


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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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