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Signature Analysis

by SAIMA AFTAB about a year ago in advice
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Your Signature Say A lot about You

Now it’s the era of technology handwritten work converted to mail, social messages, and computer work, your handwriting notes are just limited to your signature.

Your signature tells a lot about your personality. Are you social, shy, open, etc. can find out through your signature.

Before proceeding let’s have a small activity, take a pen and paper and sign your name. Now start reading.

Signature Analysis

the knowledge of analyzing handwriting to know about the personality traits is known as Graphology and has been all over the place since Aristotle’s time.

according to graphologist Kathi McKnight, “Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits.”

Slant/ Slope

Size of signature

Pressure/ Stress/ Force

Spacing among words, letters, and line



Legibility, readable or not

According to studies the way you sign your name can disclose a lot about your personality both in private life and professional life.

Size of Letter

Small letters indicate that the person is quiet, shy, and reserved. It shows that you are careful about sharing your personal information and have great concentration.

If the letters are very small indicates that you are self-centered and mean.

Average/ Normal/ Regular sized indicates that you are well-adjusted and can easily adapt to environmental changes.

Large letters indicate that you love traveling, enjoy every little moment frank person that radiates confidence. Such people are also considered a little bit dreamy and immature.

all the letters are of equal size indicates that this indicates you are a reserved and shy person.


Is your signature can be read or not . according to studies person whose signature is illegible(cannot be read) is proud, arrogant, and may undertake that everyone knows them (or should know) who they are.

And if your signatures can easily be read indicates that you are open, have not anything to hide and are happy with yourself.

Signature Location:

If your signature is on the right side of the page (or signing area), then you are thought to be a forward-looking, optimistic and social person. Signatures in the center mean you are an attention seeker, want love and appreciation . signatures to the left side mean that you may be reserved, quiet, and have the tendency to live in past events.


If your signature slanted forward (to the right), you possibly are outgoing and cheerful and are optimistic. It also tells about your creativity.

If your signature slants to the left or down you do not have enough tendency to look and move forward and you are doubtful, have negative views about the future.

Style of Signature:

There are definite styles and enhancements in the signature that give hints to what at your core are.

Signatures that are excessively decorative and complex is an indication that you are creative, passionate, proud, and love attention.

A line that runs through your signature shows unhappiness and a person is sensitive to self-criticism.

A signature that is underlined means self-centeredness, sensitivity, a need for acknowledgment and status.

A signature that has a line that is somewhat above your name shows that you are likely to be a high achiever, motivated and satisfied.

A rule of thumb here is that graphologists or researchers of written language say the more embellishments, enhancement of the signature the more complicated the person is; and the simpler the signature, the more straightforward the person is.

Now get some signatures from your friends to practice analyzing sideways with this article. And find out interesting underlying personality traits of your friends. And HAVE FUN.

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