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Olive oil and disease treatment

Benefits of olive oil for the treatment of diseases

By mahmuod IbrahimPublished about a year ago 3 min read

“Eat the oil and anoint yourself with it, for it's far from a blessed tree.”

*** Olive oil has many blessings for treatment, and likely its most essential blessings lie in that it reduces the amount of

ldl ldl cholesterol withinside the blood;

In addition to its severa blessings to cope with many diseases

the most essential

1-Prevention of diabetes

Diabetes is due to a deficiency or absence of insulin secretion, which leads to an growth in insulin production

sugar level.

Doctors suggest diabetics to eat a food regimen with a fat content material cloth of now not more than 30 .

% of calories, and the percentage of saturated fat must now not exceed 10 %, and be

The rest of the fat is withinside the form of olive oil.

2-Prevention of maximum cancers

The use of olive oil in cooking prevents bowel maximum cancers and some cancerous diseases

the one of a kind.

And olive oil hinders the formation of the responsible archidonites at the same time as combined with one of a kind substances

By inducing cells to divide cancerous. Olive oil reduces the substance

Harmful acidity due to eating huge portions of meat, and extended enzyme secretion

Which prevents the proliferation of maximum cancers cells.

3- Treating stomach ulcers

Research has verified that unsaturated oils at the side of olive oil can inhibit the boom of

A bacterium referred to as Helicobacter Pylori withinside the stomach. The germ is answerable for many things

From times of gastric ulcers and a number of times of stomach maximum cancers, olive oil leads

To prevent and reduce gastric ulcers.

4-Prevention of joint disease

Eating olive oil contributes to the prevention of diseases related to joint disease.

Researchers feature the cause for this to the unsaturated fats and antioxidants it contains

It has olive oil on it.

5- Strengthening the liver

Olive oil dissolves fats and permits in strengthening the liver and developing its activity.

Olive oil moreover improves liver feature, specifically as it's far an anti-toxin.

6- It strengthens memory

Taking each day drops of olive oil prevents memory loss and keeps

It permits the thoughts to feature effectively, specifically at the same time as it reaches vintage age.

7-Prevention of breast maximum cancers

Scientific studies have tested that eating olive oil each day reduces the danger of infection

breast maximum cancers.

Olive oil does now not get worse breast tumors as one of a kind sorts do

Of fat, permits reduce blood ldl ldl cholesterol, pressure and sugar.

Therefore, the each day consumption of oil, specifically for women who have passed the extent of

Menopause reduces the superiority of maximum cancers thru 50%.

8-Reduce pores and pores and skin maximum cancers

Skin maximum cancers affects white pores and pores and skin more often, and those who are exposed to

a brilliant deal to the sun. Olive oil contributes substantially to helping reduce

To prevent pores and pores and skin maximum cancers, it's far encouraged to use it after bathing.

9- Back pain treatment

It is typically endorsed to take tablespoons of olive oil every morning at the same time as the stomach is empty

for 10 days until the pain subsides.

10- Hair loss treatment

Massage the scalp with olive oil for severa minutes and then wrap the top for 12 hours, after that

Wash with cleansing cleaning soap and water. Repeat this recipe for severa days until cured.

11- Preventing coronary coronary heart disease

Studies have verified a great decrease in blood pressure in folks who take turns

On eating olive oil.


Olive oil fights chronic diseases, so make sure to make it an critical cloth

in your property food regimen.


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