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I'm A Tree (Part II)

More tree metaphors because, why not?

By Marina FortuñoPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece called "I'm a Tree". The main theme was that, like trees, we humans go through the seasons in our lives over and over. Each season brings something new, and as we move from one to the other we experience transformation. Winter (literally and metaphorically) may leave us bare, in the cold and dark hours, but we will resist and we will emerge ready for spring and a new beginning to come.

Lucky for me, Autumn is not yet over in this part of the world. I still get to see the variety of colours in the leaves. Although, some trees have lost their foliage, which now covers the walkways like a beautiful, golden and brown carpet. Still, I can sense the weather and the landscape beginning to change. The wind is a little bit stronger, crisper and colder, and daylight goes earlier to bed every day. Winter is coming.

Once again, walking through the beautiful park that I am blessed to have nearby my home, I had a moment of insight. Unsurprisingly, it was related to trees. As I wandered, deep in my thoughts, something caught my attention:

Right before me, a large, golden leaf, fell off a gorgeous, tall, sturdy tree. It let go and came dancing down with all the grace of nature, slowly, lightly, swinging and turning, helped by the force of gravity and the wind. Effortlessly.

Isn't it the most wonderful scene? I thought for a moment. Then, something else came to my mind. "This is an ending."

I had mixed feelings. The falling of the leaf was, at the same time, a beautiful spectacle of nature (which I was honoured to have witnessed), but it was also a sad event. An ending. I felt a bit melancholic when considering that the leaf would never be reunited with the tree again.

But, the little voice inside me wondered: Are all endings necessarily sad?

It's true, with every ending, comes a goodbye and that's not always easy. But what if, like the trees release their leaves and surrender to the process, we would do the same?

What if we don't only survive the winter? What if we embrace it? What if we let it release us from the things that weigh on us?

Then, maybe the falling of the leaves is not a bad thing after all. It is a part of a unique transformation. It is life.

The leaves fall so new leaves may grow.

Even more, perhaps this transformation (and letting go) is an opportunity for the tree to release anything that does not serve it anymore. With love.

Similarly, what if, when our personal winter envelops us in a situation that forces us to change, we decide to take it as an opportunity to let go of the things that we don't need anymore? Like anger, sadness, self-doubt, guilt, others' expectations, or beliefs that limit our peace of mind and happiness.

Endings have to come, so beginnings may arrive as well. And maybe, just maybe, we can use this time of transition as an opportunity to let go and flow with the process of life. To go deeper within ourselves.

We can learn to be grateful and honour the things that were; to be present for the things that are and to stay open to the things that will be.

Honestly, I am so ready to let this winter in my life transform me and to lovingly let go of the things that have completed their cycle in my life. To them, I say "thank you" and "I release you into the wind" with peace and love in my heart. Much like the trees let go of their leaves.

Anyway, these are again some of my thoughts from my time in nature. If they somehow resonate with you, please take it as a sign to let go of whatever you need to let go to be okay.

For you, again, a big tree hug.


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