How to Stop Negative Thoughts the Easy Way

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It's time to stop our negative thinking.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts the Easy Way

There is so much negativity in the world that it’s hard not to be consumed by it all, which can make life stressful.

We all know that having negative thoughts will get us nowhere in life, and all you get out of it is being more depressed and more cynical about the world.

There have been studies that say negative thinking can affect not only our mental health but our physical health as well.

Specialists from the Pennsylvania State University conducted a study that showed negative moods are associated with an increased risk of exacerbated inflammation.

Since we all could use some help with that pesky inflammation and with trying to silence our negative thoughts, I have whipped up five ways to help quiet your negative thoughts.

Focus shifting and changing the negative channel

Focus shifting:

When your negative thoughts appear, you can try something called focus shifting.

It’s where you focus on grabbing hold of your negative thoughts and shifting them into a new positive thought.

Shift them into a thought or memory that makes you happy.

For example, when a negative thought runs wild in my mind, I shift it into a memory of Las Vegas, or a thought about the Golden Girls.

Those are thoughts that make me happy and feel good inside. And they are my go-to thoughts for focus shifting.

Changing the negative channel:

This technique is like focus shifting, but instead of focusing on your negative thought and shifting it into a new one, you change the channel, like you would do with your TV.

When you’re watching TV and a show comes on, and you don’t like it because it stresses you out and makes you feel bad inside, would you continue to watch it?

I don’t think so; I think you would change the channel to a new show that you like and that calms you down.

Once a negative thought comes to your mind, imagine yourself changing the channel on your thought to a positive thought channel.

You can even use the positive thoughts you use with focus shifting. Try both techniques and see which one you like the most and works the best for you.

Help someone

When you can’t get over that negative thought that keeps you awake at night and keeps you distracted from the world around you, help someone who may need some assistance.

By helping someone, it takes your focus off your problems and puts it on the task at hand. You’ll also feel better about yourself knowing you did a good deed.

When you have negative thoughts about how nothing ever goes your way and how life is so hard, helping someone in need is a great way to put your negative thoughts into perspective.

You’ll realize that you have it better than a lot of people. This is not to discount your troubles and hardships in life, only to help you silence your negative thoughts and to be grateful for everything and for the life you have.

Focus on your strengths

Think of one of your best traits and find a new way to use it for a week. Do you have a knack for making people laugh? Use that to brighten up someone’s day, along with yours, and always remember to use your trait the right way.

Don’t just make people laugh for the sake of making them laugh. Honestly look for ways to make someone’s day better with a big hearty laugh.

Be sure to choose the right time and situation to tell a joke or however you make someone laugh.

The last thing you want is to make someone laugh during an inappropriate time, because that will only cause more problems and add to your negative thinking. There’s a time and a place for everything.


I am a true believer in and supporter of meditation. Meditation can help you feel calm, at peace, and balanced. That not only promotes your emotional well-being, but can also improve your overall health.

Meditating can help reduce negative emotions, increase patience and tolerance in your life, and build skills to help manage your stress.

Meditating helps keep you focused on the present moment while helping you stay calm and relaxed.

It will help you be more in tune with your body and your surroundings, which is nice since you want to be the one who has control over your thoughts.

There are different types of meditation, and my favorite is Mindfulness Meditation, which helps broaden your conscious awareness.

Focus on being in the moment and pay attention to what you’re experiencing. Focus on the glide of your breath, smells that flow into your nose, and the thoughts running through your mind.

While meditating, try incorporating a mantra in your meditation sessions. That way, when you’re overwhelmed by negative thoughts, and you’re not in the situation to sit down and fully meditate, repeat your meditation mantra over and over until you feel calm.

Doing this will help your body remember to feel at ease as if you were fully meditating.

A meditation mantra is a wise thing to have, and it can even be cheesy and straightforward, but make sure it helps you relax.

I hope you will be able to find enjoyment in life and realize you are worth it, and that you are NOT your negative thoughts.

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