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Habits of Extroverts that Introverts Hate the Most (Part 2)

by S Saleha 2 months ago in humanity
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The last part.

Habits of Extroverts that Introverts Hate the Most (Part 2)
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Unnecessary drama:

Introverts know that everyone is busy with their lives and problems, so they’re in favor of minding their own business. They only express themselves if there is a need. They also don’t call people and think that voicing someone out may cause humiliation, so they can’t get over the level of confidence that extroverts have. Then, here comes the extroverts who consider that the world is circling around them, so they drive people to hear them by acting dramatically to grab all the attention in a gathering. Introverts have a little energy to listen to all the chaos created by an extrovert’s drama; they see it as immaturity and scarcity of self-awareness. Introverts and extroverts can fight over anything because they think very differently from each other. Despite all the differences in their perspectives, both extroverts and introverts live in a community that forces them to cope and mingle with one another, and they’ve to bear each other happily or unhappily.

Giving spontaneous invitations:

Extroverts are unable to sense the amount of exhaustion an introvert can feel in the absence of their alone time. Introverts find it very exhausting when a person regularly pressures them to join numerous social occasions. You know very well that introverts require a long time period of solitude to regain their strength and courage for dealing with the outside world. Introverts take it as a demanding task and may get stressed when they’ve to attend some party. There are a lot of introverts who have extrovert friends in their social circle, and extroverts are one of those stressors, an introvert faces daily. Introverts get vexed when they receive random invitations, because between personal time and parties; they choose the one that benefits their well-being. Only fellow introverts understand each other and apprehend the strong desire to detach themselves from society’s shallow interests.

Incorrect assumption:

Introverts have reserved personalities, but once they want to do something in a situation, they can beat each person in the room. But some extroverts think that because introverts are shy people, they can’t work well, especially when in a communication position. Some people also think that only extroverts can become great leaders, comedians, hosts, and actors. In reality, these are only untruths that can activate introverts to safeguard themselves from extroverts. Some people don’t know that introverts are better at leading a team than extroverts. Being keen observers; introverts are capable of changing and motivating people with their extensive knowledge. An introvert can always be a master of something, so their potential is limitless, and their skills should never be underrated.

Desiring the spotlight:

Introverts listen attentively to someone, even the drama, but it doesn’t suggest they don’t want to talk. Dominating the discussion is a specific manner shown by highly extroverted people. On the other hand, introverts appreciate everyone’s thoughts and don’t interrupt them while talking. Since introverts are always the silent and humble ones; they don’t compel others to follow their beliefs and passion. Contrarily, when it comes to extroverts, they overshare their thoughts irrelevant to the topic, by doing so, sometimes extroverts only desire to own the spotlight. This behavior of extroverts can cause stress to introverts because it reduces the actual worth of the talk.

Underrating their intelligence:

Introverts can examine their most profound ideas and feelings; this skill can help them manage their emotions and life affairs. Inter-personal capabilities are a weak point of an introvert because intra-personal intelligence is more valuable for them. Intra-personal intelligence also permits an individual to achieve self-awareness and fulfillment, so it’s never suitable for extroverts to dislike less social people because introverts are more skillful than them in so many factors. Introverts enjoy self-reflection more than most people do; they hate it when people like extroverts drag them down just because they don’t show the required emotional intelligence.

Being an introvert, have you ever been so irritated by an extrovert?

Habits of Extroverts that Introverts Hate the Most (Part 1)

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