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How to relieve anxiety

Life is not easy, but face it with a smile.

By BobPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Everyone has their own worries and things that make them anxious at different stages of life. For example, during college, anxiety may arise from exams, paper presentations, finding a satisfactory job, etc. In the workplace, anxiety may come from a new environment, relationships with colleagues and superiors, meeting company assessments, providing clients with satisfactory solutions, etc. As one approaches the appropriate age for marriage, they may feel anxious due to repeated requests from family and friends to tie the knot, or because they are unable to find a satisfactory partner. There are many other issues that can cause anxiety, such as excess weight, insomnia, hair loss, poor skin, child-rearing, pressure to have a second child, unsatisfactory career prospects, ill health of parents or children, and poverty.

Anxiety is likely to accompany us throughout our lives. However, I believe that moderate anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing. If a person feels anxious about something, it means that it is important to them, and they want to improve their situation. This is better than those who lack ambition or goals. Appropriate anxiety can help us see reality clearly and help us find ways to solve problems. However, if you experience excessive anxiety for a long time, it can have a direct impact on your mental health, so it is necessary to find ways to relieve and reduce it.

Here are some ways I generally use to relieve anxiety, which can be divided into two categories: static and dynamic.

Firstly, let's talk about 【Static】. This involves changing one's way of thinking and looking at things from a long-term perspective. For example, during my entrepreneurial journey, I often get anxious about my abilities falling behind my ambitions, user growth, and company revenue. Sometimes I feel that I cannot do anything as my mind is completely filled with negative emotions. I would think that maybe I am not suited to entrepreneurship, or maybe the courses we developed do not interest anyone, or maybe my abilities are lacking, so whatever I do will not be successful. If you continue to think along these lines, you will become increasingly mired in negative emotions, and feel that you are worthless, while things will only get worse.

On the other hand, if you change your perspective, you can deal with these issues in a calmer and more rational way. If your abilities are lacking, it may be because of a lack of experience or insufficient learning. Even a brilliant person spends their whole life growing and developing skills; how could someone in their twenties think they know everything or have everything right? If I try and learn, even if some of my attempts are unsuccessful, I will gradually gain experience and know how, which will put me ahead of those people who are smarter and work harder than me.

This kind of thinking will immediately make me clear-headed and rational, and then I will think about how to solve the problem.

Now let's talk about 【Dynamic】. This involves exercise, which can help separate your emotions from your body, letting you focus on your breathing, muscle force, heart rate, and feel exhilarated. This works better for me, as one who enjoys exercise; also, because exercise promotes dopamine secretion, which can help release stress and generate happiness. Even as little as 5-10 minutes of stretching can help me reconnect with my body, making me aware of muscle soreness, breathing and body temperature rising, the feeling of my feet touching the ground. During this process, my bad emotions will be expelled with each exhale, while fresh oxygen and energy are taken in, nourishing me.

If you often feel anxious due to a lack of creativity, you can try putting aside your anxiety, relax yourself with exercise, and perhaps it will help you be more creative. If you often feel anxious about your relationships with parents, children, or partners, try exercising together, as it can increase intimacy and improve health.

Since anxiety cannot be avoided, we might as well reconcile and get along with it! What do you think?


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