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The sorrowful life of a man (part 1)

Life in it’s true form

By Charlie williamsPublished about a month ago 2 min read
The sorrowful life of a man (part 1)
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I was happy with my parents, we would go out and have good meals then it was just me and my mum, my dad included. I was his favorite then I would do all sorts of bad things as a child and my dad would just watch me and smile when I was TWO years old.

I was told that we almost had an accident because I was trying to drive but my dad did well to stop me from making a scene. We were happy, I think that’s how it always is for the first child of a family including every little child. 

We went to church every Sunday and it was cool, As time went I grew up and made friends that were cool at that time. When it was time I had to go to school, my parents enrolled me in one of the best schools in California. I was happy I met new friends and it was all great when I was in grade 7 I was the best in my class but that didn’t stop competition of any kind.

I came from a family of six, my father, mother, and my three siblings. I am the eldest child and my name is Hortney, I have two sisters and a brother namely; Cloe, Teresa, and Hardin respectively. 

My mum's name is Samantha while my dad’s name is Chad, before my mom met my dad she was working in a bar and according to her she was making a good living, she never had the chance to go to school because her dad died when she was young on the other hand my dad had almost the same experience as he’s dad died when he was young too and had to make a living for himself. I can say they both lived a hard life.

My dad is now getting old and so am I, he is now a taxi driver and he can’t work as much as he can because of the pain he is experiencing from his back and legs but still he works to provide for his family as any other father would.

I was in my final year in high school and I was getting ready to go study at the university. Like every other kid, I wanted to school in OXFORD but the situation wasn’t good. Me and my family lived in California.

The way things were going with me and my dad was getting worse so I had to find something to do for myself. I hated asking him for money so I had to find a way to get some. 

I would engage in hard labor like building construction workers and many more just to get money that I can use to get some things for myself.

I knew that if he ever caught me doing those things he would be angry at me but I didn’t care. He always acted as if we were okay on the outside but on the inside, he would complain about everything he was asking for me. 

On the other hand, my dad had completely left feeding to my mom which was very difficult for her since she was running a very small business, this made her become a debtor and she wouldn’t say a word to my dad because he would shout at her. 

He made her feel that whatever she did was useless, this made my mom sad. 

I saw all these things happen, this is the story of my life.


About the Creator

Charlie williams

I write stories that are real life occurrences and one way or the other has a lesson to teach our older and younger one about issues of life .

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