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Heal Your Wound

Healing is return into your soul to find remedy

By KhanhveePublished 8 days ago 3 min read
Heal Your Wound
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I am from one of Asia country in where everyone says we have to be strong, have to hide our weakness inside. We are not used to see much elderly people who are already retired or are very rich admitted to their children that they actually had psychological problem. For old generation, it can be said that they were greatly influenced by the so-called community consciousness, or the culture from many generation “Do not wash your dirty linen in public”. One day, my friend told me that her dad is old and he is a very successful person but the moment her dad accepted that he actually had a psychological problem she felt extremely happy.

The word “Accept” is very important word. Because our instinct will often not accept what we think is not good, incorrect, dangerous. Example when we have cancer, we wont accept that and will question that “why didn't it come to someone else but it came to me”. But this acceptance will be changed according to own recognition. Acceptance here does not mean surrender, giving up it is mean we do not fight truth. We have to agree that it happened, and now it's time to learn how to let it be with us, let ourselves tune with it, take care of it and get through it. But it no longer creates the impulse to be opposed and eliminated.

Acceptance is something we have to learn. There are things that are so big thing that we can prepare, it's take a bit time. But provide we know that we have to accept it. Even though we can not accept it now we will give ourselves some time to learn to accept it. After that, when we accept the truth we will start to healing.

Psychological healing is a journey back to ourselves to find the remedy which can not be found outside. Return to ourselves in the search of self-healing as the remedy lies in our own brain and heart. In fact, most of traumatized people lack hormones such as “endorphin” or “serotonin” which can be found right inside our body. However, for some reason that they are blocked cease to be released naturally.

So healing here means to induce such hormones. It's like having misconceptions or repressed emotions. Thus, we need characteristics to induce the their release. These can be found in our soul such as equanimity, relaxation, openness and acceptance. Even loving ourselves and other. And there no one can help us do that, we have to do it by ourselves. So if we want to win that journey we have to live a disciplined lif, properly manage ourselves, have schedules and routines. Alltaining these will come with sets of rule. First, we need to get away from noisy place, from people that are likely to hurt us, from stressful thing and from people who we are beloved with negative energy. A series of rules is needed to help us get to another channel. A channel completely free and able return to ourselves. We return to connect with nature, with cups of tea, with what is going on at the present, with ourselves. Then we start to know about pain and misery and learn to prompily identify our emotions.

When we get stuck remember listen to our body, accept and heal our wound first until it's ok or relative ok and then we go on to do other. In the process of we return to normal life do not forget to continue to take care of our wound because it is still there and it continues control us one from or another.

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  • Andrea Corwin 8 days ago

    Very nice!! Good advice - different cultures deal with emotions differently but many families are taught to keep things private.

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