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Ghanians Go Full On Xenophobic as 49 Nigerians Arrested: What's The Mindset Behind Not Seeing Hatred in Yourself?

Ghanians are silent when 5 women were murdered by Ghanian men but when a foreigner especially Nigerian they bring out the hate speech

By IwriteMywrongsPublished about a year ago 7 min read
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Thursday, 25 May 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Another example of Facebook's failure to ban people for posting hate speech, or death threats. The community standards that they claim they use worldwide, only hides comments, that you can unhide to read.

When a Ghanian man and others claimed that they burned Nigerians alive in his area of Ghana the comments were also not removed. He also told his fellow Ghanians to arm themselves against the Nigerian people, which was a direct threat of violence. After he admitted to killing people where ever he dwelled in his country.

There have been some of the most horrific crimes in Ghana over the last few years. Five women in 3 weeks brutally murdered by either their husbands or lovers. Ghanians never said as much as anything negative about these Ghanians. 

A Closer Look at Egos

It all boils down to a person’s ego. It’s that sense of self-esteem or self-importance that makes up a person’s identity. Some people have fragile egos meaning they crumble over any setback. They also might have a lack of self-esteem which makes them vulnerable and unable to handle constructive criticism.

Someone who is psychologically fragile tries to protect their fragile ego because they cannot handle criticism outside of the world they’ve created. They might appear confident, bold, and maybe even strong to some.

The unfortunate truth is that these type of people will likely ever be able to admit they’re wrong. They actually create their own reality by sometimes changing facts and denying truth. What matters most to them is not being wrong in the first place…ever.

Alternatively, when we talk about someone with a healthy ego, they develop an essential sense of self-love, self-worth, mental resiliency and many other wonderful benefits. They are able to accept and process constructive criticism and view it as an opportunity to grow.

Source: Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry

Just a few weeks ago Ghanian scammer was extradited from the UK to the USA for scamming over $ 2 million USD. There were posts calling for her to be released, posting asking people to pray for her. Many claimed she's not guilty. Insulting the United States of America's government, calling her arrest racism of course. 

Popular Ghanaian socialite, Hajia 4 Real, has been extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States of America to face charges of fraud and money laundering.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) on Monday, May 14th 2023, unsealed a six-count federal indictment against Hajia, real name Mona Faiz Montrage.

Hajia 4 Real faces charges of wire fraud, money laundering conspiracy and money laundering.

Source: Ghana Celebrities

Some people in Ghana seem to be unable to see when a person from Ghana is wrong. They can however see the wrong in foreigners, they can see the wrong when the person is white or western.

Is this just hatred or is there something really wrong within their society?

Kwame Anokye Amoabeng

These Nigerians are causing troubles and problems across the globe

When these 49 Nigerians were arrested on human trafficking charges not one person said, they're just arrested they haven't been convicted. Not one person but when one of their own is shipped from one country to another which is a big deal they claimed she's innocent.

Posted to UTV News Ghana's Public Facebook & Twitter Account

The Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service have apprehended a human trafficking syndicate in Accra.

The human trafficking syndicate was nabbed after an intelligence-led operation led to the arrest of forty-nine Nigerian nationals.

EOCO in a statement disclosed that the suspects, consisting of forty-seven males and two females, aged between 18 and 34, were taken into custody in Accra.

The arrested individuals are believed to be involved in human trafficking and cybercrime-related activities.

Source: #UTVNews

Screenshot from Facebook

Why Admitting You're Wrong Is So Ridiculously Hard (and How to Get People to Do It Anyway)Like bullies, people who insist they're right aren't as egocentric as you'd think.

No one on this Earth is mistake free. But if you're unlucky, an individual will dig in their heels and insist they're right even when all the evidence suggests otherwise. It's a maddening situation anywhere. But in business it can be disastrous. It creates conflict that hinders productivity or affects your ability to move forward with or give proper information to appropriate individuals.

According to psychologist, speaker and author Guy Winch, most people who consistently refuse to admit they're wrong do so because they have incredibly fragile egos. They clam up and insist they're right, demonstrating what experts term "psychological rigidity", as a defense mechanism. Their subconscious feeling is that, if they dig in their heels, they can protect themselves from the consequences that might come from their imperfection and fallibility (e.g., being seen as weak, loss or retaliation). Winch also notes that some people go to extraordinary lengths in this process, even changing facts and convincing themselves of new realities in their own minds to escape culpability.

In this instance, if you want the person to admit they're wrong, your biggest job is to build them up. You have to convince them that infallibility isn't a sentence to isolation or something even worse.

* Point out as many successes as you can in practical, casual ways.

* Give them more opportunities to gain small wins they can feel good about.

* Offer compliments.

* Provide examples of when you were wrong yourself. Describe how you grew and the positive outcome that came from it.

* Be a friend. Listen, offer information, forgive and have integrity in your speech and behavior so that the wrongdoer learns they can trust you.

Source: INC.Com

This might work for someone who is a child, however I've written about the racism, colorism, xenophobia and tribalism. People seem to be incapable of seeing their words as wrong.

As with many white racists are unable to see wrong or harm in their words. I posted an article, where I showed how American housing was discriminatory towards Black Americans. There were posted signs that openly said no negros, dogs or Mexicans.

This made some angry but the signs that are in Ghana that read 'No Nigerians' didn't have the same effect. Ghanians said this was owners way of protecting their rental property.

If so then why isn't 'No Blacks, No Mexicans', signs the same? People lost me there because those asked had no real answers.

Screenshot from Facebook Comments

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

This photo above is from Francis of course Wakanda isn't is family name but he's wearing a Glovo vest. In Ghana Glovo is a popular food delivery service, they ride motorcycles to deliver your food. 

Who knows how many Nigerians or foreigners Francis comes into contact with, he expressed his extreme hatred for Nigerians who else does he hate?

Francis Wakanda

These people. When I say it they'll say I hate Nigerian. If that it then yes I hate them. They like doing bad things too much

You can read about the Bolt Food driver who threw my food on the ground after threatening to beat me. He thought I was white so he refused to come deliver my food, I was outside for 15 minutes. He saw me but refused to come to me, then when I went back in my home to get my phone I called him. 

From there he started screaming and calling me names, when my ex called him he screamed at him too, calling me the 'white lady'. He claims it was my job to go to the 5 food delivery drivers outside my home to beg for my food.

This type of behavior though is something other Black Africans from around the continent go through living in Ghana. Black Americans have even commented about how they know this type of hatred exists but they too ignore it because they claim it doesn't happen to them.

Screenshot from Ghana Expat Group

Screenshot from Facebook EXPAT Group

Here a Ghanian who is Black is claiming that never in Ghana would a Black Ghanian be racist. Because she as a Black native Ghanian would know for a fact that the 30.8 million Ghanians are not racists. Even though there have been several articles about police and immigration officers stopping people for asking for money.

Again this isn't her problem because she's a Ghanian, so she would have no idea what happens to a foreigner.

Screenshot from Ghana Expat Group

I don't have the post but I can locate it, a Black Ghanian called this above women a 'colonizer' then told her she had no place in the conversation. I was the one that made the original post, asking had anyone else in Ghana be bothered because of the color of their skin. 

Two Black Americans starting insulting me because I called it racism, they said I was stupid that it was just colorism. When I tried to explain that even when I said I was a Black person Ghanians called me a liar, one said I only think I'm Black while she was pointing to my head. In her attempt to call me mentally ill for saying I was Black.

It is very interesting how these comments are exactly the same as a white person living in a western country. Do you see how they use the same wording? How the rhetoric is all the same but instead of from a white person it's from a Black African to another Black African.

Lagos Nigeria is only 10 and a half hours by car from Accra Ghana.

Sylvester Asiedu

Please they should be disallowed from coming into the country la

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