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How I Fell In Love With Embarrassment

Embracing the Comedic Chaos of Everyday Oops

By Joshua FeinbergPublished 9 days ago 3 min read
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Let's get this straight: there's a certain charm to stumbling through life like a cat in socks on a wax floor. Yes, you heard that correctly. My love affair with making a total mess of myself began oddly when I realized how hilarious my own misfortunes could be. I mean, who knew? Now, if you're scratching your head, wondering how to find glory in mishaps, then let me take you into my world of wonderful whoopsies. Imagine the awkwardness combined with the charisma of a weird uncle at a wedding.

Picture this: I'm in a meeting and my brain decides this would be the perfect time to unleash a belch so loud that it could wake the dead. Terrifying? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. It was as if my body was conspiring against me just to remind me I am a giant, flawed human. So, the room went silent, but instead of sinking into my seat trying to disappear, I owned that belch like a badge of honor and said clearly, "Excuse me, I guess my lunch wanted to voice its opinion." Just like that, the room cracked up.

So, after that moment, embracing the whoopsies became my mantra. Whether I'm tripping over a nonexistent obstacle or spilling wine on someone's expensive carpet, each mishap has become a thread in the fabric of my self-acceptance. I found that there's something liberating about laughing at yourself—it releases a breath you didn't know you were actually holding.

Let me tell you about the time I texted my boss "love you" instead of my girlfriend. Did I want to disappear? Perhaps from the earth? Sure. Did I instead call him, explain with a chuckle, and then suggest that perhaps it wouldn't be the worst thing if we all expressed a little bit more affection in the office? You bet. And what I got was a chuckle that turned into laughter. From that point on the text became a inside joke between me and my boss which is rare at least in our office.

The journey of my fumbles and whoopsie-daisies began out of nowhere. It was a Friday evening at a karaoke bar, and there I was, microphone in hand, dead set on serenading the crowd of loners and sophisticates with Frank Sinatra's "My Way." However, when the music started, it wasn’t the chairman of the board; it was Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" that played. There I was in front of a full bar. Did I falter? Not a chance. I stood there and performed that song like I was competing on American Idol. I even included some choreography that was akin to a squirrel after six cans of Red Bull. One might assume a lack of applause and dead silence; however, the applause was thunderous.

Falling in love with embarrassment has given me a master class in humility. You see, we're all bumbling through, making it up as we go along, so why not do it with a smile? It's about finding happiness in the journey of life, even if that involves accidentally flashing your undies to a street full of strangers. We're all a little ridiculous, and that's perfectly okay.

So, next time you trip over your shoelaces or fumble a flirtation, remember this: every snafu is a story, every blush a different color painting the portrait of your life. And me? I'll be over here, turning my next whoopsies into complete buffoonery because to love life, you've got to laugh at it—loudly and often.Like that time I tried to impress a date by cooking spaghetti without a pot. Spoiler alert: the kitchen still smells like burnt dreams. Or when I went jogging with tissues stuffed in my nose to stop allergies—let’s just say dogs weren’t the only ones marking trees that day. Here’s the thing: if you can’t be a good example, at least be a hilarious warning.


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Joshua Feinberg

I'm channeling my bipolar disorder to shine a big, fat spotlight on mental illness, all while lobbing in a hefty dose of self-improvement and comedy. Think of it as therapy with a laugh track.

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  • HERZ onVocal BLYTHE9 days ago

    That opening line was killer! I love how you effortlessly put me back in a good mood by pointing out how sh*t happens & life is constantly changing, often for the better depending on how we choose to look at it. Nice article!

  • Belle9 days ago

    I love this! That last line, "if you can't be a good example, at least be a hilarious warning" is greatly powerful. I also love the line "every blush a different color painting the portrait of your life," like every little thing, embarrassing or not, is still a memory that contributes to the whole, and we gotta make the most out of every one! Brilliantly told. Thank you, Joshua! I hope this makes top story–it definitely deserves to!

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