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Fight Seasonal Depression With Indoor Plants

by Chandi Peardon 4 months ago in coping
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How Indoor Plants Can Reduce Stress

Fight Seasonal Depression With Indoor Plants
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Changing seasons can be a beautiful thing especially when each season brings new events to look forward to. But that doesn't mean it is like this for everyone, myself including. Indoor plants have helped me in the battle of seasonal depression and they can help you too.

Warmer months provide an escape for those who are easily affected by seasonal depression. It allows them to escape these emotions by engaging in fun activities outdoors. The warm sun radiating Vitamin D and the joy that warmer months have to offer simply gives us hope. Hoping that the next day will get better or that we will go for that run or that bike ride.

“When winter approaches, I can't stand looking out the window. Everything is so dark and gray and the days are so short. It's as if I wake up, go to work, and go right to bed.”

This is a reality for many of us who suffer from seasonal depression. It's not that there are no outdoor activities that could be fun in the colder months, but all the green and life is simply gone. Some days are too cold to even go outside

Include Indoor Plants In Your Space

When everything outside is slowly withering away, my indoor plants are green and thriving! The way the sun hits my indoor plants makes me feel as though those warmer months are just around the corner. Not to mention, indoor plants help to purify your air and eliminate odors. It is very comforting to know that I can still feel inspired in my space even throughout the winter.

Working with plants can help to reduce stress because it suppresses the sympathetic nervous system. This allows you to feel more relaxed and helps to promote creativity. There is a numerous variety of indoor plants to get into, but I have listed below my top 3 favorite indoor plants for seasonal depression.

By Ceyda Çiftci on Unsplash

  • Snake Plants
  • Fiddle Fig
  • Cactus
  • Philodendron
  • Bird of Paradise

I chose these plants because they are low maintenance. These plants can grow to be very large and can take up a great deal of space which is perfect for me because during the winter I want to be surrounded by greenery. I can move these plants nearly anywhere in the house, which means that I can bring those green leaves right into my bedroom.

Having indoor plants gives me something to do throughout the winter. It allows me to be creative in where I choose to place them, what I choose to place them in, ways to propagate them, pruning and so much more. I can continue my gardening indoors, which for me, helps me to fight my constant battle with seasonal depression.

How To Get Started

By Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Plants are not as expensive as you might think. Wintertime is the best time to buy plants because they are out of season and prices will drop.

Visit your local Stein's or Home Depot to find a hearty indoor plant that you can place near a sunny spot in your house. It is important to remember that any plants purchased in the winter must remain in their original soil until the spring. This is due to the possibility of shocking the plant, which can cause it to wither and die.

It is easy to assume that if you have plants then you need to water them every day. The answer? No. Most plants during the winter only need to be watered once every week or every other week. As long as they have good lighting and soil, they will thrive in your home.

My home is filled with plants, which means that I often find myself not having enough window room to place them in. I have found that Etsy is a great place to find propagation wall décor and plant shelves.

The best shop that I have purchased from is; UNEARTHshop on Etsy. This shop has everything when it comes to plant propagation and shelves. From cute plant starters to all the above, they are a perfect shop to get you started.

You heard it from me, go check it out!


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My inspiration? Personal trauma, mental illness, and love.

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