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Beyond Blood: The True Essence of Family

I started to think about this for so long. The difference between blood and water biological family, verses friends and distant family.

By Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Published 21 days ago 5 min read
Beyond Blood: The True Essence of Family
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In my journey through life, I've come to understand that family is so much more than just blood relations. It's about the connections we form, the bonds we nurture, and the love we share with those who truly understand us. As a sensitive female, I've found solace and strength in the idea of chosen family – those individuals who may not be related by blood but who share our values, experiences, and deepest emotions.

My chosen family is like a tapestry woven from the threads of friendship, trust, and unconditional love. These are the people who have stood by me through thick and thin, offering support and encouragement when I needed it most. They are the ones who truly see me for who I am, flaws and all, and love me unconditionally. Whether it's a late-night heart-to-heart or a spontaneous adventure, my chosen family is always there, ready to laugh, cry, and navigate life's challenges together.

Blended families, too, hold a special place in my heart. As someone who values empathy and understanding, I've witnessed firsthand the beauty that can arise when individuals from different backgrounds come together in love. Blended families are a testament to the power of resilience and compassion, showing that family is not defined by genetics but by the strength of the bonds we share. It's about embracing our differences, celebrating our similarities, and creating a space where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Within the LGBTQ+ community, the concept of chosen family takes on even greater significance. As a sensitive female, I've seen how this community has come together to create a sense of belonging and support for those who may not find acceptance within their biological families. These chosen families provide a lifeline for individuals who have faced discrimination, rejection, and hardship, offering a safe space where they can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or prejudice.

Communities, too, play a vital role in shaping our sense of family. Whether it's a tight-knit neighborhood, a religious congregation, or a cultural group, communities provide a sense of belonging that extends beyond the walls of our homes. As a sensitive female who values connection and community, I've experienced firsthand the warmth and support that comes from being part of something larger than myself. It's about coming together, supporting one another, and lifting each other up in times of need.

At its core, family is about love, acceptance, and understanding. It's about finding those special connections that make us feel seen, heard, and valued. As a sensitive female, I've learned that family is not something we're born into – it's something we create, nurture, and cherish throughout our lives. Whether it's with our chosen family, our blended family, or our broader community, family reminds us that we are never alone. We are surrounded by love, support, and a sense of belonging that sustains us through life's ups and downs.

In my experience, the idea that blood is always thicker than water is a misconception that fails to account for the complexities of human relationships. As a sensitive female, I've come to recognize that the strength of familial bonds cannot be solely determined by genetic connection. Here are four concepts that illustrate why blood isn't always thicker than water:

1. **Chosen Family:**

Chosen family is a powerful testament to the idea that love and connection are not bound by biology. These are the individuals we select to be a part of our inner circle, based on shared values, mutual respect, and emotional support. Unlike blood relatives, chosen family members are consciously chosen and embraced, creating a sense of belonging and acceptance that transcends genetic ties. For many, chosen family provides a level of understanding and companionship that may be lacking in their biological families, demonstrating that love knows no bounds.

2. **Emotional Support and Understanding:**

True familial bonds are characterized by emotional support, understanding, and empathy – qualities that are not exclusive to blood relations. As a sensitive female, I've found that the depth of emotional connection I share with certain non-blood relatives often surpasses that of some biological family members. Whether it's a close friend, mentor, or partner, these individuals offer a level of understanding and support that is essential for personal growth and well-being. In times of need, it is often these chosen relationships that provide the greatest comfort and solace.

3. **Toxic Relationships:**

Contrary to popular belief, blood relations are not immune to toxicity and dysfunction. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves in unhealthy or abusive family dynamics, where genetic ties are used as a justification for harmful behavior. As a sensitive female, I've witnessed the damaging effects of toxic family relationships firsthand, from emotional manipulation to outright abuse. In such situations, the concept of chosen family becomes particularly significant, offering a means of escape and a source of healing for those seeking to break free from toxic ties.

4. **Individual Growth and Self-Discovery:**

Personal growth and self-discovery often require breaking free from societal expectations and forging our own paths. This journey of self-discovery may lead individuals to form connections with those who understand and support their authentic selves, regardless of biological relation. As a sensitive female, I've found that some of the most transformative relationships in my life have been with non-blood relatives who have encouraged me to embrace my true identity and pursue my passions. These connections have allowed me to flourish and thrive in ways that may not have been possible within the confines of traditional family structures.

In conclusion, the notion that blood is always thicker than water oversimplifies the complexities of human relationships and fails to acknowledge the depth of connection that can exist beyond biological ties. As a sensitive female, I've learned to value the relationships based on love, respect, and mutual support, regardless of genetic connection. Whether it's chosen family, close friends, or supportive communities, these connections enrich our lives and remind us that family is not defined by blood, but by the bonds we create with those who truly matter.


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LouLou maintains a boundary between her professional endeavors and personal life. She wears many hats as an author, blogger, and content creator. In various projects, each one a testament to her dedication and passion for storytelling.

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