The Grossest Vodka Infusions of All Time

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There are a lot of vodka infusions that we love, but would you dare try wasabi infused vodka? These are seriously the grossest vodka infusions we've ever seen.

The Grossest Vodka Infusions of All Time

In the amazing world of vodka, there are so many different types of bottles out there and only a few of them taste amazing, like Tito's Homemade vodka. Whether you're the type who takes shot after shot of just regular vodka, or you find drinking vodka a better option when it's mixed with juice or soda, there's so many ways to enjoy the booze. There are many ways to mix vodka, as well as vodka infusions that most of us are big fans of. From watermelon to apple and orange, these tasty infusions are what keep us going back to them. But then there are infusions that we never believed were actually possible.

Like I've said before, there are tons of infusions out there for us to test out and love. And then there are the weirder infusions that we totally steer clear from. How bad are these types of vodka infusion? Oh, not that bad, there are just some vodka infusions like wasabi and pickles. Not that gross... at all. Actually, they're pretty disgusting. But if you happen to be a fan of one of them, good for you, I respect that 100 percent. Anyways, here are the grossest vodka infusions that would have never crossed your mind in a million years.

Yup, this list of the grossest vodka infusions ever escalated pretty quickly to grass flavored vodka. Guys... grass. Not romaine lettuce, not spinach, not kale, but grass. Whoever created this vodka infusion had to be on something. But believe it or not, it's known to be a delicious bottle of vodka to some people.

As gross as it sounds, there's only a small amount of bison grass infused in the vodka, so no worries about that. However, it does have faint notes of vanilla as well as hints of anise and cinnamon. I personally can't picture the taste, but it's a well-known bottle. Lovers of the Bison Grass Vodka tend to mix it with apple juice, too.

Bacon Flavored Vodka by Bakon

Bacon is amazing. Who doesn't love bacon? Put it in your BLT, right by your morning eggs, or simply cook them out of the blue to enjoy by itself. Bacon is a great meat, but someone decided to take their love of bacon to the next level. And that level is infusing it with vodka.

Bakon is a vodka brand that's super famous for their bacon infused vodka. With the top-quality potato vodka, it's infused with the savory flavor of bacon! Supposedly, it's clean, smooth, and crispy (because it's bacon, get it?). In fact, it's a popular type of vodka for people to use to whip up cocktails like Bloody Marys.

Got a sweet tooth? The Cake Vodka by Pinnacle is certainly loved and hated by so many people, but in my book, it's among the grossest vodka infusions ever. Cake should never be mixed with vodka, it should be left alone! Sure, enjoy a slice of cake with a side of vodka, but you can't combine the two together.

The maker behind this vodka infusion, Pinnacle, has actually created a ton of other odd vodka infusions. With the aroma of warm buttercream frosting, it’s basically a freshly-baked vanilla cake inside a bottle of vodka. Balance out the taste when mixing it with club soda or enhance the sweetness by mixing it in an ice cream shake for the ultimate treat. I'll just stick to eating the cake itself, thank you.

Pickle Flavored Vodka by Chilled Dills

Okay, this one's actually disgusting. How can someone stomach pickle flavored vodka? Did Chilled Dills simply combine pickle juice with vodka and it resulted in this? For someone who can't go a day without eating a pickle (which sounds weird), this bottle is all yours.

The creators of Chilled Dills came up with the infusion when they took a pickle shot during their tropical getaway. They immediately loved the shot and believed that there should be a drink like this that's always prepared. Then the Pickle Flavored Vodka was born and lovers of the bottle are now enjoying it straight or mixed in cocktails.

Do you usually eat a glazed donut with coffee or a cup of tea? What about vodka? Instead of enjoying with it, you can enjoy the glazed donut in the vodka! Yes, the popular vodka brand 360 managed to master glazed donut infused vodka and it's known to be "the sweetest of treats."

With that warm, fresh donut flavor and topped with a glazed finish, you’re getting that unexpected twist, and it’s vodka. Just like the cake infused vodka, the sweetness of the donut in the vodka is ideal for those who have a large sweet tooth. Either sipping on its own or mixing it in cocktails, the Glazed Donut Vodka is definitely one of the grossest vodka infusions that will make some people gag—including myself.

Oddka Vodka Wasabi by WYBOROWA

Many of us actually hate wasabi because of not only how spicy it is, but the taste is just foul. When it comes to eating sushi properly, wasabi plays a major role in enjoying the meal. The majority of those who eat sushi know that wasabi is meant to be a complement to the soy sauce. But among the grossest vodka infusions, there's wasabi mixed with vodka...

Talk about spicy, right? If both vodka and wasabi have super strong tastes, I can't even imagine what it tastes like with the two combined. According to the website, it is definitely fire in a bottle. For those who enjoy all things spicy, perhaps give the Oddka Vodka Wasabi a shot! This is easily one of the spiciest alcoholic drinks that will set your mouth on fire.

Some people actually enjoy putting whiskey in their coffee, like an Irish coffee. But what about vodka? Mixing espresso with vodka can come across as one of the grossest vodka infusions ever, but it'll definitely wake you up in the morning! Not to mention that a shot or two of this will probably keep you jittery and energized for hours.

The vodka is created with nothing but top-quality Colombian beans that gives the vodka a bittersweet coffee taste. There are also hints of citrus and silky cocoa in the infusion, and it’s known as a major hit for those who can’t go through the day without three to four cups of coffee. While the Double Espresso Vodka by Van Gogh does sound pleasant in a way, it's still a pretty disgusting infusion.

Blueberry Pancake Vodka by Mama Walker's

Enjoy your bacon flavored vodka with a side of blueberry pancake infused vodka! Don't forget the espresso infused vodka, as well, because you're basically getting a full breakfast meal with these odd vodka infusions. Anyways, the Blueberry Pancake Vodka sounds gross in so many ways. Mama Walker's is literally killing the amazing breakfast meal by mixing it with vodka.

The Blueberry Pancake Vodka sports the combination of blueberries, pancake batter, and maple syrup in it. But don't drink this instead of having an actual blueberry pancakes for breakfast... Instead, you can mix the vodka with lemonade, if you're actually interested in this bottle.

No, it's not vodka topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream, it's vodka infused with whipped cream. While this may not be as sweet as the cake or glazed donut vodkas, it's still pretty sweet if you consider yourself a bitter drinker. And whipped cream vodka doesn't sound appetizing at all. Pinnacle, how can you simply come up with whipped cream mixed with vodka?

For those interested, this vodka starts out smooth and it goes down even smoother after every sip. You can mix the vodka with a fruity juice or even hot chocolate for a vodka dessert drink! It's still seems unappetizing to me, and it's still one of the grossest vodka infusions out there.

Scorpion Vodka by Skorppio

Finally, easily, no definitely one of the all-time most grossest vodka infusions I've ever seen on the Internet is this horrifying Scorpion Vodka by Skorppio. Who in the right mind would infuse a scorpion with vodka? It's not some mere bug, it's a venomous scorpion! Oh, and the best part? There's a whole scorpion just chilling in the bottom of the bottle. Casual, I know. Scorpion infused vodka, guys.

Supposedly, the scorpions used for the vodka are farm raised with their diet and environment controlled for the best quality. Also, the toxins that make up the mild venom from these scorpions are broken down with a special process. In other words, the vodka won’t kill you and it tastes fine… just without the sting.

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