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How to stop your thoughts from controlling your life

How to take change of your reality

By Ugochukwu victorPublished about a month ago 3 min read
How to stop your thoughts from controlling your life
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Have you ever stopped to ponder how many of your thoughts serve to propel you toward your life's aspirations, while others seem to act as invisible chains, hindering your progress? Do you truly wield control over the myriad streams of thought flowing through your mind? These are the profound questions that struck me during my transformative stay at a Buddhist monastery nestled in the serene forests of southern Thailand, four years ago. Life in the monastery was a stark departure from the bustling modern world – with its wooden pillows, straw mats, predawn wake-up calls, and marathon 10-hour meditation sessions each day.

It was during one of these rigorous meditation sessions that a profound revelation dawned upon me like a sudden burst of sunlight piercing through dense clouds. I realized, with startling clarity, just how little influence I had over the ceaseless torrent of thoughts swirling within the vast expanse of my mind. Reflecting on the trajectory of my life up until that moment, I couldn't help but acknowledge the relentless wandering and distraction that had characterized my existence. It became apparent to me that the frenetic pace of modern living had cultivated within me an unsettled mind, one that seemed nearly impossible to reign in or control.

In that tranquil sanctuary of introspection, I stumbled upon the timeless wisdom articulated by Bjorn Lindal, a Swedish ex-monk, who, after dedicating 18 years of his life to the practice of meditation, succinctly declared, "I no longer believe in everything I think." This simple yet profound statement served as a catalyst for a paradigm shift within me, leading me to embrace a radical concept: the notion that we possess the inherent power to shape our thoughts and, consequently, sculpt our destinies.

Irrespective of our diverse backgrounds and circumstances, we all find ourselves ensnared to varying degrees by the intricate web of our own thoughts. Yet, embedded within this realization lies a glimmer of hope – the realization that we are not merely passive recipients of our mental chatter but active architects, capable of redesigning the blueprint of our lives.

Consider the sobering reality of our world today: a landscape marred by soaring obesity rates, a surge in pediatric medication for attention disorders, and a pervasive reliance on antidepressants to numb the pain of existence. These harrowing statistics hit close to home for me, serving as poignant reminders of my own struggles with personal trauma and addiction. It became increasingly evident to me that our collective obsession with perpetual stimulation – whether through substances or activities – has precipitated a profound loss of agency over our own minds.

However, amidst the chaos and clamor of modern existence, there exists a beacon of hope – a path towards liberation from the shackles of our own minds. This path is illuminated by the twin beacons of meditation and mindful consumption. Through the practice of meditation, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning to cultivate mindfulness amidst the cacophony of our thoughts. With disciplined practice, we develop the capacity to discern the underlying patterns and tendencies of our minds, allowing us to consciously steer our thoughts towards more constructive and life-affirming directions.

Simultaneously, mindful consumption invites us to exercise discernment in selecting the mental and physical inputs that we allow to permeate our consciousness. By deliberately filtering out toxic stimuli and embracing sources of nourishment and inspiration, we create a fertile inner landscape conducive to growth and self-realization.

In a world inundated with sensationalism and superficiality, the quest for mastery over our minds emerges as the ultimate frontier – a journey towards reclaiming our birthright as conscious beings capable of shaping our own reality. As we transcend the limitations of our primal instincts and embrace the boundless potential of our conscious awareness, we sow the seeds of a brighter future for ourselves and for generations yet unborn.

Ultimately, the degree to which we assume responsibility for our thoughts and actions will not only determine the course of our individual destinies but also the collective fate of humanity itself. So, let us embark on this sacred journey together – armed with courage, conviction, and an unwavering commitment to reclaiming our sovereignty over the realm of our minds. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of accompanying you on this transformative odyssey.

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