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Proof - A Drink for Everyone


By Shivam Rai Published 6 months ago 3 min read
Proof - A Drink for Everyone
Photo by Nathan Powers on Unsplash

From happy hour to the top shelf,

Proof has a drink for everyone.

Whether you're in the mood for beer,

Or looking for something more fun.

Vodka for the classic taste,

Tequila for a fiery kick.

With Proof, there's no need to waste

Your time on drinks that don't stick.

Recipes to create a masterpiece,

Distilleries to explore and learn.

With so many options to increase,

Your drinking game can take a turn.

From the hops of a cold beer,

To the smoothness of aged whiskey.

At Proof, every drink is a peer,

And every sip makes you feel frisky.

So come on in and choose your poison,

From happy hour to the top shelf.

At Proof, we'll provide the reason,

To raise a glass and enjoy yourself.

Proof has a drink for every mood,

Whether you want something light or crude.

From crisp and refreshing beers,

To strong and bold spirits that bring cheers.

If vodka's your choice, there's plenty to find,

From classic brands to new ones that shine.

Try it straight, on the rocks, or mixed with juice,

There's a vodka drink for every mood and use.

And for those who prefer a little heat,

Tequila's the drink that can't be beat.

Sip it neat, or mix it in a margarita,

It's the perfect drink for a hot summer fiesta.

But if you're feeling adventurous and bold,

Proof has recipes that will leave you sold.

Try a spicy Bloody Mary, or a fruity punch,

The possibilities are endless, it's a drinker's hunch.

And let's not forget about the distilleries,

Where the magic happens in a flurry.

Crafted with care, and aged with time,

Spirits so smooth, they taste simply divine.

So, whether you're at happy hour or on the top shelf,

Proof has a drink for everyone, choose your poison with stealth.

From beer to vodka, tequila, and more,

Raise a glass and cheers to the drinks that we adore.

And for those who prefer a taste of the exotic,

there's tequila with its smoky, spicy flavor,

or a fruity tropical cocktail to transport you to a beachside paradise.

Proof also offers a wide range of recipes,

from classic cocktails to creative concoctions,

perfect for impressing guests at your next gathering

or simply sipping at home on a quiet night in.

And let's not forget about the distilleries,

where the magic happens and the art of crafting spirits is brought to life.

Take a tour and learn about the process,

or taste the unique flavors that each distillery has to offer.

So whether you're a beer drinker, vodka lover, or tequila enthusiast,

Proof has a drink for everyone, from happy hour to the top shelf.

So go ahead and choose your poison,

and savor the flavors and experiences that come with it.

The fruity notes of the cocktails,

Refreshing and full of zest,

Their vibrant colors in the glass,

Are a sight to behold at best.

From the classic gin and tonic,

To the trendy Aperol spritz,

Proof has a wide selection,

For every type of boozy blitz.

The hops and malt of the beer,

Crafted with precision and care,

Whether it's an IPA or a stout,

The perfect pint is always there.

And for those who prefer something stronger,

The top shelf whiskey is the way to go,

Smooth and rich, with a warming heat,

It's the perfect drink for a winter snow.

Tequila shots for the daring ones,

Served with salt and a wedge of lime,

Or a margarita, frozen or on the rocks,

Sipping it slow, taking your time.

The distilleries and their stories,

Of passion and hard work,

The history behind each bottle,

Is a tale that's always worth.

From happy hour to the top shelf,

Proof has a drink for everyone,

Beer, vodka, tequila, recipes, distilleries, and more,

Choose your poison, let the fun begun.

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