Why You Should Use All Natural Products to Smoke Weed

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Keep both your body and those of the people around you safe by using all natural products to smoke weed.

Why You Should Use All Natural Products to Smoke Weed

Using all natural products to indulge in your herb will make your experience all the better. Most stoners will tell you they like their smoking experience easy, sometimes quick and uncomplicated. Well, we have a better solution; you just have to trust us! With all the advanced technology related to weed, you would think it would only get better but maybe going back to the basics is an even better idea. Technology advancement did not stop in labs or your latest iPhone; now, even farmers have high tech means to grow their product. Usage of pesticides, and other added nutrients can affect the end product of the weed you eventually buy and that is why you need to read on and find out all natural products to use to make your experience fun and easy.

Some strains of synthetic marijuana have also been created. It's tough to tell the difference, were it not indicated on some of the packaging. This strains of weed are not only harmful due to the chemicals used in preserving them but also because of the carcinogenic properties they contain.

Pesticides and nutrients used during the process of growing contribute to pesticide residue buildup in the body and eventually failure of many vital organs. Keep both your body and those of the people around you safe by learning how and where your weed was grown. There are plenty of reasons why you should use all-natural products while enjoying your smoking session.

It's Time to Save that Thumb!

Everyone that has ever used a lighter knows that sometimes it takes a few hits to light up. It also gets scorching when you do get it to work. A regular user will end up with a rough thumb due to all the friction. That's not the worst part, getting your fingers burned by the lighter is just too easy. Investing in a hemp wick will allow you to smoke your herb in peace knowing it won't burn off your fingertips.

Using a hemp cord or hemp wick keeps the flame away from your precious fingers. What is even cooler about a hemp cord is that you can wrap it around your pipe or bong, leaving both hands unoccupied and thus letting you handle your equipment better (we all know how tricky those giant bongs can get) or even multitask without worrying about it going off. Using a hemp wick dipped in beeswax means it can hold onto itself without feeling sticky to the touch. It is small in size, and you get used to it after a while.

No Harmful Chemicals

All those lighters lying around your house have one thing in common: butane. Once you light one, a nice hot flame appears quickly but with it, those toxic butane fumes. The butane fumes that are released by BIC lighters lie in your lungs in the form of tar. Before that, since they are exposed directly to the pulmonary system, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This harmful toxin can cause a lot of problems for you such as hypoxia and dizziness that may have a recovery period of minutes or hours. They increase your chances of lung cancer, difficulty in breathing, and other pulmonary diseases. Using a hemp cord to light your weed solves this problem as well.

Cleaner Taste

Have you ever noticed how sometimes your weed totally smells and tastes burnt or sooty? Another disadvantage of using butane lighters. The butane fumes released during smoking will make your weed taste dull because the flicks released will combust together with your precious pot. So, not only are this fumes toxic, but now they can't let you get high and simultaneously taste all the magical flavors in your weed.

By using a hemp wick, there is practically no soot or flicks from it. Hemp dipped in bee wax means it burns slowly giving you time to discern all the different tastes in your cannabis. The citrus or coffee taste, whichever it may be, is more pronounced once you start using all natural products.

Hemp and Rice Wraps

Though many people have moved on to water bongs and other equipment to aid them to smoke, the majority of the population still use blunts as their primary or secondary form. Did you know that most wrapping papers are made from tobacco? The papers are bleached in factories to make them white. Chemicals are added to make them last longer or burn slower increasing the number of toxins you inhale while enjoying your smoke session.

You can switch to hemp or rice wrappers that are sold at your weed supply store or online stores. The hemp wrapper can be made thick to use as blunts. They have plenty of advantages over the tobacco wraps that are usually sold.

Did you ever wonder how the puff pass tradition shared amongst weed smokers came to be? Yes, the spirit of brotherhood that comes with sharing a blunt was part of it, but more so because a blunt will burn quickly, leaving no time for long breaks without wasting that entire good weed. One thing about the hemp or rice wraps is that they burn slower and don't speed up your smoking process. You could light up a blunt if you love going solo and not feel rushed.

Get More Stoned!

Now that we have been made aware of how slow the hemp or rice wraps burn, let us see how this affects the combustion of the cannabis itself. A slow burning hemp or rice wrap means fewer carbenoids are being burnt. Carbenoids are the chemical properties in weed that give you that high or exhilarated feeling. This means that you will get more stoned. The hemp wraps provide more value to your pot than tobacco papers because now a little rolled up will go a long way.

If there was ever a reason to use all natural products, then this right here is it! After all, never did I ever hear a stoner say he was too high!

Save Money

Regular weed users know just how fast they can run through butane lighters. The lighter almost never lasts past a week. This should be the ultimate motivator to use all natural products during your sessions. Those annoying moments when you flick it on only to realize you ran out are over. You can clearly tell how far down your wick is and easily get another. A large packet of hemp wicks will last you much longer than a lighter, even if you smoke by the hour. Using a hemp cord with your lighter will make it last five times longer. If that isn't a great deal, I don't know what is!

A simple hemp wick tied around your bong or pipe will light up a clean, soot-free flame. The fire burns consistently and for a long period of time without going out. You can press the red end on an ash tray to switch it off until next time, no complicated procedure here. Since most hemp wicks are dipped in beeswax, you don't need an extra adhesive just wrap the one you have around a pipe, and it will stick to itself.

Saving money on lighters means you have more coins for that precious commodity, weed! Every stoner whether doing it for recreation or medicinal purposes will appreciate the extra coins.

Saving your money is a key reason that you should smoke using a hemp wick or wraps with your lighter. Everyone loves to save and have more money, it's just human nature. So even if you don't use the extra money for weed, you'll have cash for other things.

Cannabis should be used in the safest and healthiest way possible, and that was the main reason for the arguments above. I hope it doesn't take much convincing that beeswax is healthier than butane. Keeping away from carcinogenic substances will save you the trouble of many a doctor's appointment.

David McCleary
David McCleary
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