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4/20 one of 365 days per year that I smoke weed

Partaking in the plant keeps me calm and pain-free. Who doesn't want that?

By David HeitzPublished about a month ago 3 min read

I smoke pot constantly. And it’s a good thing that I do.

The plant helps keep my mood stable. I am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar one type. I am prone to terrible mood swings, but not when I'm smoking marijuana. My psychiatrist was so pleased with the results she observed from me smoking weed that she took me to get my medical cannabis card.

I smoke pot 24/7. Right out of a glass pipe, often mixed in with concentrate. I’m no beginner.

But I also take my prescription mental health medications. This is especially important. Without those I lose touch with reality and experience hallucinations and delusions. Never quit your psychotropic medication cold turkey for a cannabis regimen. I did that and ended up homeless. Mental illness is profoundly serious and requires potent medications.

Great deals on marijuana

I usually have both sativa and indica strains on hand pretty much 24/7. I am currently smoking Sueno for my daytime sativa, and Sourdough for my nighttime indica. With it being 4/20 and all, I got some great deals on weed at LivWell. Weed is even better when you get it at a great price. Living in Colorado, we enjoy pretty inexpensive weed prices when compared to the rest of the country. I admit I moved to Colorado for the weed. I’ve also formerly lived in Los Angeles. I am the type of transplant natives love to hate.

Smoking marijuana keeps me medicated and elevated. Usually when my mood is foul, smoking some marijuana and listening to soothing music helps me get back to my happy place. I cannot say anything bad about smoking marijuana, other than I know it’s bad for my lungs. I cough a lot. I am thinking about switching entirely to vape pens, but I wonder how safe they are with the vape juice. Still, next month I am going to try switching to vape-only. I want my lungs to be healthier.

Weed doesn’t make me lazy

I never feel “lazy” from smoking weed, not even when I consume a lot of indica strains. I imagine my tolerance is extremely high, so it takes a lot of weed to affect me. That is one reason I am glad Ilive in Colorado. Although the cost of living is sky-high, weed is cheap. It’s important to me to live in a place where marijuana is accessible, inexpensive and of high quality. I have all of that in Denver.

Today is the city’s annual 4/20 festival at Civic Center Park. Happy 4/20! Admission is free and there will be some great bands playing. While smoking is not officially allowed at the event, there’s likely to be a hazy cloud overhead. I went to the festival twice when I was homeless. I remember a nice lady giving me quite a bit of free concentrate the first time I went. I met her on the bus. The second time I went with another homeless person who had traveled from Colorado Springs to Denver for the festival. He had a nice dog. We had a good time.

Marijuana under attack

I do think it’s important for stoners to stick together. Marijuana is under attack by the pharmaceutical industry. Questionable research is popping up everywhere challenging marijuana’s safety.

The truth is marijuana is a healing plant. It’s medicine. People who smoke it are not out to get “high,” they just want to be calm and free of pain. That makes life better for everyone.

If you don’t partake in the plant, you don’t what you’re missing. Maybe this could be the day you toke up. Happy 4/20.


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David Heitz

I am a journalist with more than 30 years' experience. Here at Vocal, I write mainly for Potent, Vocal's cannabis magazine. I have a PTSD diagnosis and a medical cannabis card. I have lived in a penthouse and also experienced homelessness.

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  • Novel Allenabout a month ago

    Earth day is tomorrow. Marijuana day is today. Well, I think I may move to Colorado for the high. If you wrote this stoned, then kudos to you. Please send me some of the weed. So cool.

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