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My Experience with Cannabis

by Jesse Pedersen 5 years ago in culture / health
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Everyone should try this

Strain: Good Times

Cannabis, reefer, marijuana, and my personal favorite, jazz cabbage. All these nicknames for a flower that has been illegal since 1937 thanks to the marijuana tax act. Since then propaganda advocating cannabis to be both harmful and dangerous has been pushed by both government and religion, however newer studies have told us quite the opposite from these "trusted" institutions, so should we trust some lying suits in Washington D.C. some science article we read online? I say neither; trust yourself and don't let fear control your decision making. Being a frequent user, I would say it's not for everybody, but I do believe everyone should try it once to gain personal experience and understanding of this wondrous plant (in my opinion).

I was sixteen when I first tried Cannabis sitting in a field of overgrown weeds with two other friends, and a pop can fashioned into a pipe. Despite hearing warnings from church leaders, govt. propaganda, and pledging to be drug free in school, I took that pop can and lit up and coughed and coughed. A few moments later and couple of rotations I felt the THC flooding my mind making me feel euphoric and dazed at the same time. I still remember the first question that popped into my mind "why is this illegal?" It didn't bother me the rest of the night or the next couple of years. Being in high school and playing football kept my mind busy and unconcerned with why things are the way they are, it wasn't until December 19th, 2012 that question came roaring back. Some friends and I were enjoying a nice hotbox sesh in my car through the smoke we saw a cop pull up in front of us, panicked we rolled down the windows trying desperately to let the smoke out but our fate was sealed. When he walked up to the car and asked me what we were doing terrified all that could escape my mouth was "just chilling". Eventually I was hauled off to jail where I would be for two days and getting bailed out by my parents on the day the world was supposed to end according to the Mayan calander, that day I hoped it was true. Now I believe that a rational person would have given up the ganj, and I did for a little bit after that but after watching The Union: The Business Behind Getting High and other drug law documentaries and gaining a distrust and anger towards govt. I decided that I was going to keep smoking because a little civil disobedience couldn't hurt and wanting to advocate because I do believe it can help everybody, but it's not up to me if YOU should try cannabis ask a friend that smokes for their opinion, I would be willing to bet they would offer you some and if you don't have friends that smoke read some articles. Thank you for reading my story peace be with you.


About the author

Jesse Pedersen

I'm from Utah love being in nature and a advocate of cannabis use. I believe if humanity truly wants happiness a change of thought must occur.

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