Does Weed Make Sex Better?

Ever wonder, does weed make sex better? Science seems to think so.

Does Weed Make Sex Better?

Weed has long been used to enhance many experiences, or even to heal a variety of ailments, so why wouldn't it have an effect on a sexual experience? Science says it does. Smoking weed relaxes you, and being relaxed and uninhibited is the key to any good sexual encounter — weed makes sex better.

This isn't just hippie nonsense, weed has long been known as an aphrodisiac. Don't take my word for it, ask Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a retired professor at the Harvard Medical School: "Weed greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people. There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges."

Does weed make sex better? The answer is a resounding yes, but how does it work exactly? It's long been known that weed is better than alcohol for sex. So, if you're looking for a little buzz before you hit the sheets, put the bottle down and toke up to reap the benefits.

Increases Pleasure

Cannabis triggers the release of dopamine, allowing you to feel pleasure and other rewards. This then makes your body more receptive to pleasure, increasing the feeling of almost anything you do after smoking — especially sex. Sex itself will give you a dopamine boost, so smoking will supplement that, giving you a bigger pleasure punch.

Our brains reward circuitry, which is responsible for the feelings of gratification we generally associate with sex. It's also packed with cannabinoid receptors activated by marijuana — think of it like milk and cookies.

When smoking marijuana with a partner, it can create overwhelming good vibes, increasing both partners' level of sensitivity towards each other. Unless you're an animal, paying attention to what your partner wants and needs makes for better sex, and weed can bring this quality out — something to think about when asking the question: Does weed make sex better?

Reduces Stress

Being tense is not a great way to achieve an orgasm. In fact, it can be borderline impossible. If your mental state isn't allowing you to feel up for it, smoking a little weed can help get you in the mood to do the nasty. As your tensions melt away, you may be surprised by how suddenly you are back in the mood.

The neurotransmitter also promotes focus and attention. Pleasure and attention together can help many people let loose and enjoy the present moment more.

Certain strains are going to have different results, and it's thought that sativa strains are better in a situation like this. The increased focus will help you feel everything your partner is doing to your body with increased intensity.

Does weed make sex better? Sure seems that way.

Increases Sexual Function

It's believed that in ancient times that cannabis was used to treat sexual ailments. It is known to help men with high cholesterol achieve better erections by protecting the blood vessels and allowing the blood to flow more freely. Also, men with performance anxiety issues may find marijuana useful (for obvious reasons) before sex.

Cannabis compounds may improve sexual functioning in men by triggering a certain cell receptor in the shaft of the penis — the CB2 receptor. Activating this receptor reduces stress in the tissue and results in better erections.

Marijuana is also thought to cause testosterone spikes. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is important in both male and females, and the more that is present the higher the libido. It doesn't effect the testosterone for a long period of time — about a half an hour spike — but can be useful if the sex takes place quickly after ingesting the cannabis.

Intense Orgasms

Does weed make sex better? Only if you think an orgasm is an important part of sex — as it is known to significantly enhance the intensity of orgasms. Weed slows things down, which can make you last longer in bed, as well as make an orgasm feel like it's going on forever. Who wouldn't want that?

Many cannabis users claim that their perception of time gets stretched, leading to an overall better feeling for both parties — regardless if the sex lasted as long as you think it did. Both partners seem to be more satisfied with the experience.

The intensity of the orgasms is directly related to both increased sensitivity and the perception of time. So, whether or not it's real or not, does it even matter? You feel it!

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Amanda Stamper
Amanda Stamper
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