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Do you know if your weed is premium?

Learn how to judge your bud.

By Josh Socket Writes Published 3 years ago 11 min read

Story time:

I was a budtender for all of a week in November, then Ontario went back into lockdown again. In that week I got to have all kinds of conversations about weed with the community I was in. Not everyone was an experienced user or a newbie. The best way I can think to describe the people that came in was a full-spectrum of cannabis users (see what I did there?). Even regular-users had questions for me.

Some of the questions I was getting from users included:

What makes weed premium?

• How can I tell if weed is premium?

• What should I like for in good weed?

Not only did I get to interface with curious cannabis customers but I also got to learn about a number of licensed producers and brands I was new to. I’ve talked about some of them already. I’ve even talked to representatives from one or two of the companies I’ve written about. I learned about Truro, Msiku, Ace Valley and Emerald Health from spending time as a budtender. I also learned that the average consumer’s brand-based knowledge was lacking. Which is no fault of their own.

My week as a budtender inspired me to write this blog. My goal is to provide cannabis users with resources on Canadian Licensed Producers of Cannabis. I show you trends, issues, products and brands I believe deserve our attention as patrons of the cannabis industry. This article will be no different. I’ll show you how to judge whether or not a product is premium and I will tell you about the premium cannabis brand, Tenzo.

source: The Motley Fool

Legalization and democratization.

I don’t believe there’s a single way to define premium or judge a cannabis product as premium. Cannabis is a personalized experience and every licensed producer has the right to define their product how they see fit.

Alternatively, I do believe everyone has the right to their opinion on what premium means to them. Cannabis legalization democratized weed. We went from knowing a guy/girl to having all of these options. There has never been a better time to be a cannabis consumer.

You now have a variety of choices for:

Who you buy from.

• Who grows your plants.

• What you’re smoking.

A cannabis-user’s options have expanded infinitely. We live in a time where you can invest in cannabis stocks. I have a portfolio of cannabis stocks. Who ever thought that would happen? Now, when you purchase products, your money makes an impact. You are essentially voting with your dollars for who you think should be the lead in weed. Your voice can be heard and your dollar has ramifications as a consumer. Who you spend your money with could lead the industry in the future.

source: Investopedia

The impact of democratization:

The democratization and expansion of the market has changed Canadian consumers. What more educated consumers have come to expect from their cannabis has changed. Legalization has also made it much easier for companies to perform research and development on cannabis. For years, there were only a few people performing research and development on cannabis. Cannabis development went through a time of arrested development. And those who were in the know couldn’t share what they knew freely.

In 2021, there are research and development teams and industry research teams on a global level. Every week I feel like I’m reading about new practises for every step in the cultivation and packaging process for this plant. Better yet, I’m learning about new products you could have only imagined in the illegal market. Companies are collaborating globally for the first time. We have been able to push the industry farther than ever.

That being said, there’s still some pretty bunk shwag out there. When you buy product, it’s up to you to decide if your weed is up to snuff. In the next section, I’ll teach you how to judge your bud.

This is what cannabis looked like at one time:

source: Wikileaf

This is what cannabis looked like in the 70’. If a company of any size put out product that looked like this, they’d get laughed out of the industry. This trichome-less, dry-ass bud (not to be confused with Wet Ass Pussy) looks like it was grown in a dark closet then packed on a skid, plastic wrapped then stuck on a shipping container for three months. I’m drawing at straws here, but we can all agree this weed looks like shit.

Which is my first point, when you’re judging your bud, use your senses. Pay attention to the attributes of the plant. Use your judgement.

Here are properties of the plant to pay attention to:

Look at the bud closely,

  • Does it have any colors through it?
  • Is it green or closer to yellow or brown?
  • How has the been trimmed?
  • How are the nugs shaped?
  • Is it covered in trichomes (white dust)?

Touch it,

  • Does it break up easily?
  • Is it dense?
  • Is it dry or moist?
  • Is it too dry?

Smell it (when you open the container) ,

  • Does the smell escape the bag and seep into the room?
  • Can you smell it from far away?
  • Is it a pleasant smell or does it smell kind of rank?

Taste it, (when burning)

  • Does it make your mouth salivate?
  • Is it fruity tasting or more earthy?
  • When the joint is over, does it linger in your mouth?

Smell it, (when burning)

  • Is it pungent or pleasant?
  • Does it linger on your clothes?

The high ,

  • Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish by smoking it?
  • If it’s a Sativa, do you feel euphoric?
  • If an Indica, are you mellow, relaxed, is there a tingling in your toes?
  • If it’s a CBD, does it relieve your pain, your stress or your anxiety?

You can talk about terpene content and THC content being the source of premium. To an extent, they are. Your terpene and cannabinoid contents definitely dictate the effects of the plant. Both in terms of the high but also the smell, taste and appearance. I don’t believe they have everything to do with the plant. Afterall, they still the direct result of good manufacturing processes.

Source: Strategy Online

The importance of packaging:

I also believe packaging needs to reflect the quality of the product. The product shouldn’t only act as an appealing way to hold your bud, it should also be working to protect the product from deterioration. Over time, even minimal exposure to light and air can cause the plant to dry up and lose its terpenes. Good packaging prevents deterioration.

I believe that a product is only as good as its packaging. Especially if it spends more time in the packaging than with the customer. Further, when a product deteriorates under the right conditions, it’s on the manufacturer to ensure the packaging protects the product from deterioration. This is pretty transferable for any industry.

What a company puts into its product, the consumer is easily capable of perceiving. If the product doesn’t live up to the customers’ expectations not only will they stop buying the product, but they will tell others to do the same. The purpose of this blog isn’t to put anyone down, but to bring companies up. I’m working to highlight companies who I believe deserve recognition for their work. I want to connect consumers with good cannabis producers.

Source: Weed Street 420

GTEC Holdings:

There’s a company in Kelowna I’ve become fascinated with lately. GTEC cannabis has two brands in the recreation market right now. The first is BLK MKT, the high THC bud with the premium price and the slick branding. The other is Tenzo, also premium but not in the same way as BLK MKT.

Source: BLK MKT

GTEC positions themselves as ‘premium focused” with products driven by their high-quality and attractive marketing. As you can see, BLK MKT is one of the first brands to show their terpene content on the container. It’s forward thinking and caters to people seeking out flavourful cannabis. Major cannabis companies are starting to communicate their terpenes to consumers. Soon I suspect people will start seeking out cannabis for their terpene content.

GTEC also defines premium for their product.

For GTEC, premium product has:

• Larger, dense, aesthetically pleasing flower.

• Optimal moisture levels.

• No stems, leaves, seeds in the bud.

• Bud covered in trichomes.

• A complex terpene profile.

• Diverse colors in the bud.

• Smooth and cleaning burning finish.

I think it’s remarkable that they tell you what to expect and teach you how to judge their bud. Of course, its geared towards their products but there are still truths in this explanation.

Source: Tenzo

Tenzo’s product line:

Tenzo has four strains on their website, but I’ve only been able to find two of them in the market. I’ll show you all of them and tell you what I know about them. From there you can make a decision about what you’d like to buy and then you can see for yourself if Tenzo stands up to your expectations.

Tenzo’s line-up is comprised of four Indicas. The two products I could find in the market are available in Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Keep an eye out for them as they extend into more provinces.

1. Wedding Crasher

Source: The OCS

Wedding Crasher is a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Wedding Crasher has a THC range of 17-24%, meaning it’s a powerful Indica. Wedding Crasher is a couch-lock strain, so make popcorn and put on a certain Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie. You’re not getting off the couch for a while.

Wedding Crasher is rich with Limonene, Beta-Pinene, Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene. There’s isn’t too many cultivars more pleasant smelling than Wedding Crasher. I’ve never tasted a vanilla flavoured strain until now. I have always enjoyed chocolate strains like Chocolope, but never a vanilla. Pair it with the grape aroma and I was genuinely surprised. I don’t know find cannabis with these kinds of smell/taste pairings.

You can buy Wedding Crasher for roughly $11.50 per gram in 3.5 gram and 7 gram packs.

Source: The OCS

2. Watermelon (Mojito) Zktlz

Source: The OCS

Have you noticed a pattern yet? Tenzo loves growing fruity strains. Oddly enough Watermelon (Mojito) Zktlz tastes more like mango then watermelon. The name is a little misleading, but the strain delivers. With a THC range of 18-24%, expect a solid body high.

Watermelon (Mojito) Zktlz is covered in purple leaves and dense trichomes. Its purple leave and mango aroma are taste due to its terpene profile. Watermelon (Mojito) Zktlz is jam-packed with Beta-Pinene, Terpinolene, Limonene and 3-Carene. It is a cross between Watermelon Zktlz and Tahoe Hydro.

You can buy Watermelon (Mojito) Zktlz in 3.5 gram packs and 7 gram packs for roughly $11.50 per gram.

Source: The OCS

The remaining two strains:

I can’t tell you much more than Tenzo’s website can about the two remaining strains. I haven’t found Dosie-Pie or Purple-Punch anywhere yet. I know they’re not yet available in Ontario. I will show you what GTEC’s advertising the two strains for online.


THC content: 20-25%

Lineage: Do-Si-Do x Velvet-Pie

Terpene content:

Beta-Pinene | Alpha- Pinene | Limonene | Caryophyllene

Double Purple Pie

THC content: 17-24%

Lineage: Velvet Cookies x Velvet Pie

Terpene content:

Beta-Pinene | Terpinolene | Limonene | Beta-Caryophyllene

When Dosie-Pie and Double Purple Pie are available, I’ll be waiting.

Source: Tenzo

In Conclusion:

I’ve just showed you how to judge whether or not your cannabis is premium. It’s subjective, of course, but it’s a start. I’ve also given you two products to test out your brand-new skills with. Feel free to teach others how to judge their weed.

I’m hoping you now have a new way you think about how you buy and smoke weed. Not only are we cannabis consumers, but we’re cannabis voters, voting for the future of the industry.

Remember, when you’re judging weed, it’s about:

• Appearance

• Smell

• Taste

• Touch

• Effects

Use your senses and trust your gut. Try out a Tenzo product or something else from GTEC or test out your new skills on a product of your choice.

I want to hear from you.

If I made your mouth water, helped you kill ten minutes or taught you something new:

Please leave a tip!

And don’t hesitate to reach out to me at:

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