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What do you think about brands focusing on using science to improve the health and wellness of their users?

Emerald Health is one of many companies operating in the recreational and medical markets trying to do exactly that. Improve people's lives.

By Josh Socket Writes Published 3 years ago 9 min read
Source: Emerald Health Therapeutics

So far I’ve talked mostly about Value and craft brands. They cater to the wants and needs of the market. The recreational market could easily fund research and innovation in other parts of the cannabis industry. Value and Craft brands are not the entire industry. You haven’t even gotten me started on the CBD market. Specifically, the medical market’s research and development-oriented brands.

Every month the recreational market takes share away from the illegal market. More and more people are buying legal weed every month in Canada. I want to know how people discover brands in this space. How are you discovering your brands, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

Many brands are just recreational brands. Consumer focused companies looking to provide a high-quality product or an affordable bag of bud. Maybe something else entirely. Some companies are simply brand companies. They build a brand and outsource the product. If they’re helping companies get quality product to Canadian consumers, then I support it.

If you’re interested in Cannabis brands looking to better the world with their product, look no further than Emerald Health Therapeutics (Emerald Health).

source: weedstreet420

Emerald Health Therapeutics: health and wellness researchers.

Working in both the recreational and medicinal markets, Emerald Health’s goal is innovation in pharmaceutical sciences. Their goal is to research the plant as thoroughly as possible. This research is meant to create the best understanding of the health and wellness benefits of the plant as they can.

Emerald Health is actively researching to create consistent and effective outcomes from their cannabis. They also study cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system in order to find new uses for the plant.

Source: Treadwellfarms

What is an endocannabinoid system? And what’s a cannabinoid?

Our experience with Cannabis starts within us. We have a series of receptors in our brains that bind with cannabinoids (naturally occurring compounds) from the Cannabis when we consume it. This is a loose explanation of how we experience the effects of THC (the one that makes you stoned) and CBD (the pain-healing/stress reliever).

The endocannabinoid system is linked to human health and wellness. It regulates our:

• Mood

• Stress and Anxiety

• Sleep

• Appetite

• Memory (ironically)

• Pain management

• Liver function

• Metabolism

So humans have a system in their body for health and wellness that’s specifically linked to using cannabis? Damn. Incredible right? It explains how Willie Nelson’s still kicking ass at 87.

Emerald Health has stated that they are looking to understand and promote up-to-date knowledge of Cannabis in health and wellness.

source: Pure Sunfarms

Everybody knows Pure Sunfarms

You can buy Pure Sunfarms products at most dispensaries and on the OCS site (Preferably your local independent dispensary!). They’ve been a strong competitor in the mass-market bulk segment for a while. Their production capacity is huge. They produce large quantities of multiple strains and distribute product in a number of formats. They have a similar strategy to Redecan's. Do everything. I’ll talk about them more in a full article at some point.

You probably didn’t know that Pure Sunfarms was part-owned by Emerald Health.

Emerald Health recently sold their 50% stake in Pure Sunfarms to their partner and Pure Sunfarma founder Village Farms. In the past year, their leadership have been setting their sights on making meaning change in the company. Moving away from mass-cultivation based on growing assets and moving towards higher quality product for the premium market.

They also sold their Quebec facility, holding onto their BC facility in Canada. Anything you purchase from them that was grown in Quebec is the end of that batch. They’re going to be modifying the facilities they have in BC to produce even higher quality product. Hopefully it’s a step in the right direction for them.

Here’s my take on why this change is important:

If a company can produce consistent, effective products in a mass-market, I’m all for it. If they fail to live up to their promises, then change is needed. Cannabis can be a fickle plant. The plant requires specific light schedules, climate, water and food systems all of which varies by genetics (strains). With larger facilities, it’s harder to maintain consistency. That’s why you will often see craft growers using smaller environments where they separate their strains.

The plants are easier to control in a smaller environment. To be a successful mass-grower, you have to know your stuff. Very few people become successful mass-growers. I recently heard a talk from Shlomo Booklin. They fly him around the world to consult on multi-thousand plant grows because of how intimately he knows the plant. Even he’ll tell you the plant isn’t as simple as we think.

If you remember my piece about Nova Scotia (See Skosha and Msiku), growers will often segregate grows by genetics and give them individualized care in small rooms. This way they can provide custom environments to suit the genetics of the plant.

Emerald Health was acting as a consultant for Village Farms. Village Farms produces large quantities of fruits and vegetables, not cannabis. It’s my assumption that the relationship allowed for a learning trade off. EH learned how to grow large quantities, while VF learned to grow a crop that was foreign to them.

I think Emerald Health Therapeutics has promise. They’re working towards bettering their product and bettering their business. They recognized how their relationship with Pure Sunfarms wasn’t producing the level of quality they wanted and it wasn’t helping their brand.

Don’t get me wrong, Pure Sunfarms makes a quality product at a good price. See their Pink Kush. It simply wasn’t up to the standard Emerald Health has set for themselves.

The Cannabis industry is something to pay attention to long term.

Some Cannabis companies are reporting losses. I’m seeing companies with mass-grows and high costs struggling. Last year we learned LP's were growing more product than they could sell, They’re still trying to learn how to operate. Two years is pretty new for a recently-legalized industry. Competition is fierce, regulations are heavy and they still have to compete with the illegal market.

I think Cannabis companies need to be looking for what they can do to better the industry. It’s an important long-term strategy. Emerald Health operates globally, not just in Canada. Their goals are global, not national, which is why I think they deserve our support.

The recreational market is cool and all, but I have a soft spot for people who need access to cannabis for a better quality of life.

source: Emerald Health Therapeutics

Here is what I recommend trying from Emerald health’s lineup:

Emerald’s recreational lineup is small. Unless you’re a medical patient, you can only buy a fraction of their skus. You can find their products scattered across dispensaries and the OCS (as well as in your own province).

source: Emerald Health Therapeutics

Durga Mata (Indica)

Earthy, Sweet and Citrusy aromas fill the air. Don’t be surprised. It’s Durga Mata. beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes create the aroma and taste of this strain.

With a THC range of 15-20%, this Indica is strong. Get ready for some couch lock. Use Durga Mata at night. Definitely not during the day.

Although this batch was grown in Emerald Health’s Quebec facility, Durga Mata’s roots are in South Asian landrace strains. Expect to see red and amber streaks through the bud and rich trichomes.

You can purchase 3.5 grams for $25.95.

source: Emerald Health Therapeutics

Chemdawg (Sativa)

This Sativa’s going to smell different from the last strain. Guiaol, Linalool and Limonene. You might still get a hint of citrus, but the scent of lavender is much stronger.

With a THC range of 18-23% THC, this Sativa has what it takes to make you feel uplifted and focused. This is a podcast or an album strain. Put this on and listen to something that inspires you.

This strain has a strange backstory. Nobody can agree on where it came from. It definitely came from the US in the 70’s but beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess. I prefer to believe it was cross-bred at a Grateful Dead show.

In the meantime, this batch was grown in Quebec (and probably the last of its kind). You can purchase 3.5 grams for $29.95.

source: the ocs.ca

Syno 15 Nano THC oral spray

You know those Listerine breath sprays? Two pumps and your breath is fresh for work or a date or dinner with your parents. Of course, now the masks help and coffee breath is no sweat when you work from home. The dog will still kiss you. Now you can buy an oral spray with THC in it.

When you purchase THC or CBD in this form, it’s been extracted from the plant. The companies typically will not tell you too much about the genetics of the plant. Sometimes they might tell you if it’s an Indica or a Sativa, other times they will just label the product as a blend. People typically buy these products for the THC or CBD. They only looking for the effects.

The only reported terpene in this one is limonene. There’s a bit of a citrusy aftertaste. Somewhere between a pineapple and a grapefruit.

A bottle of Syno 15 THC oral nano contains 209-240 mg of THC costs $29.95.

source: Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals

Buying Emerald Health products could help someone in need get effective and consistent cannabis.

Remember, legalization isn’t just about access to weed, or finding justice for those who’ve been imprisoned for weed, but it’s about furthering the plant. Furthering how the plant can help people, what we can do with it and how its perceived are more important than access.

The U.N. just reclassified cannabis as "less dangerous" because there is clear evidence proving cannabis helps people. In the next 5-10 years there are going to be recognized global pot companies. We have to ask ourselves what kind of companies we want controlling the world of weed.

Access has improved, but now it’s time to consider next steps. Emerald Health’s mission is to use the plant to improve the quality of life for their patients. Supporting Emerald Health also means helping people who really need it get effective and consistent cannabis. I’m excited to see what Emerald Health produces in the new year.

Ask your local independent dispensary what they have from Emerald Health. I got mine from Yerba Buena on Bayview in East York.

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