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Vacillations of a Restless Moon


By Teresa RentonPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Vacillations of a Restless Moon
Photo by Mauricio Livio on Unsplash

She arrived one summer

like a salty breeze

from across the sea.

Crystal blue eyes,

blue-black hair—like an inner moon

shone through her. I dreamt of her

every night, except for one, when I didn’t

sleep. I’ll get to that later.

I took a job

working on her yacht,

watched her eat strawberry meringues

washed down with coffee. She smiled

once when she caught me staring.

I wondered how her lips tasted

and I bit my own until they bled.

I wrote her name on scraps of paper,

slid them under my bedsheets.

I brought her watermelon once,

which she shared with me.

Ice clinked in our glasses;

conversation and laughter

fizzed and sparkled

like the bubbles in our Pimms Cups. Later

I told her I read Keats; she told me

love was another form of control.

She said, ‘I will have to go away soon’.

She gazed out to sea, white linen trousers

billowing around her legs like sails

in a breeze that would steal her

away from here.

Droplets rolled down her cheek;

from sea mist, or eye mist? I couldn’t tell.

That night, a jasmine scent lingered

on her pillow, sheets, covers.

I tasted the watermelon of her lips.

I inhaled it all, devoured it,

so that I would always remember

the scent and taste of summer 1997,

when the moon

loved me.

By Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Teresa Renton

Inhaling life, exhaling stories, poetry, prose, flash or fusions. An imperfect perfectionist who writes and recycles words. I write because I love how it feels to make ink patterns & form words, like pictures, on a page.

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  • Louise Blake 5 months ago

    So deep, I loved how you described a woman and symbolised it so much and compared the moon to a woman's mysterious nature.

  • Thank you Paul 😊

  • Wow! This was such a wonderful poem! So beautifully written!

  • Gina C.5 months ago

    Beautiful! Lovely poem that tells a story. ❤️

  • Cathy holmes5 months ago

    Beautiful poem. Very well done.

  • Ward Norcutt5 months ago

    "she smiled once when she caught me staring" is a lovely line. Unforced. Casual. Very much suits.

  • J. S. Wade5 months ago

    This is beautiful Teresa! Scents, emotions, tension, and desires so well captured and transported with words. Masterful. 🥰

  • Caroline Jane5 months ago

    Ahhhh the symbiosis of memories and dreams. ❤

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