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By Teresa RentonPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

There is a bank in your town

where people look to invest

or withdraw

or discuss a thing they want,

have lost, or need.

This thing is something they have tried

to find when scrolling

or scouring

through rails in stores’


to buy the thing only to discover

the thing was not the thing at all.


It’s then they sneak at midnight

on a well-trodden trail

to the fridge

to pilfer fancy fondants

and place them in their yawning mouths

in hope to fill their empty spaces

but like cement, they sit heavy,



It is unfathomable why they try to find a thing

that sits like a toothbrush,

their pillow, or fireside blanket,

on the windowsill of their life.


This thing is knowledge and advice,

challenge, friendship, fun,

and laughter,

for free!


There will be no invoice, compound interest,

no debt, no bailiff

in suit with clipboard

pushing your front door, no


But if you give this thing away, or

give it back,

your dividends

finally fill the gaps.

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About the Creator

Teresa Renton

Inhaling life, exhaling stories, poetry, prose, flash or fusions. An imperfect perfectionist who writes and recycles words. I write because I love how it feels to make ink patterns & form words, like pictures, on a page.

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