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The Unseen Beauty

A Journey Within

By Jagatheesh MPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The tallest in the world, the smallest human heart

Memories that carry so much, truth and art

It beats with courage, with each passing day

And holds within it, love that finds its way.

Rivers do not flow with a mere finger's point

They follow the path that their fate has anointed

But though there may be hundred sufferings in store

Fight to overcome, and you'll come out even more.

Just a drop in the ocean, so why worry and moan?

Go with the wave, let life be your own

Relationships that shape you, and a world so bright

In stones that endure pain, and statues so right.

It's a stream with waves, that crosses the sea

It reaches the shore, with a needle's easy glee

In life, let what happens, get used to it all

For the heart that bears the blow, never falls.

O mind that carries dreams, why do you sleep?

Take the next step, start walking and leap

No more hesitations, just dare and be bold

In this sky where thunder thunders, never grows old.

For what we think, always comes to be

So take the chance, and live life truly

The tallest in the world, the smallest human heart

Memories carry so much, what happens in reality, a part.

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Jagatheesh M

I always love to write blogs, and i am excited to get some work out there... Pls go through my stories and support.. Thank you

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