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Eclipse Me


By Juan Lli PedrazaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Eclipse my menial task, assign me as a cog, a nominal figure, a number, not a name.

Complete eradication of my sense of being, my voice becomes lost, meager,

Loathsome, petty expression of my worth.

Isolate my time, make me empty, a husk, a whisper of my former self.

Peer behind the darkness, and find me there, small, obedient,

Subservient, ready to trade my blood, my form, for a few cents of what I’m worth, for mercy.

Eclipse my body, quiet my voice, hide me until the clock marks five, until the shackles break, until I am free once more.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Juan Lli Pedraza


I'm a Venezuelan poet living in Florida. I am a poet for hire on the weekends which means I type poems for strangers on my typewriter about whatever topic they want. Hope you enjoy.

Check my work on IG: @juanspeaks

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