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The Hollow Woods

by Heather Hubler about a month ago in performance poetry · updated about a month ago
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a spooky poem

created with Nightcafestudio and Canva Pro

In the Hollow Woods

an old cabin slumbers

deep within its chilling embrace.

There, once a year,

a flame sparks to life

preparing to kill and erase.


A red stump of wax

on the window sill sits

with a flame that flickers quite madly.

Only to be swallowed by

the darkness of night.

This tale can only end badly.


Faded and frayed,

a yellow strand lays loosely

'round rotting, broken-down rails;

A warning to the foolish–

take heed, turn back!

You're in danger of tipping the scales!


As the midnight hour

draws close at hand,

the spark begins to spit and crackle.

Straining, burning,

grasping at strength;

The evil lets loose a mad cackle.


More, more, MORE it cries as

a brilliant blaze lights the sky,

illuminating the darkened glade.

By now you should be

quaking and shivering,

completely and deathly afraid.


One end of tattered tape

rips free from its hold

pushed about by an unholy breeze,

slowly unraveling,

on the ground below

in the shadow of the Hollow Woods' trees.


A silence descends,

oppressive and heavy,

while the new moon offers no light.

Each minute that passes,

a slow, drawn-out suffocation

of all sound and natural sight.


The tension breaks with a resounding


Furries and feathers,

startle back to life.

The spell releases;

they quickly scatter

trying in vain to flee the knife.


But the snare snaps taught

smothering screams,

the captor eager to feed.

As the cries die off,

the ground consumes the remains–

a heap of bits and bones, now freed.


The candle dims,

the winds die down,

the hunger's been appeased.

But it won't be long

before the evil stirs,

it needs more souls to seize.


Minutes bleed into hours

as a timid peace descends.

Then a whisper of laughter

floats by on a breeze,

and the evil within

sighs again.


The candle wick flares brightly,

calling a vicious wind

to howl and thrash.

It's a beacon to

the lost and lonely,

a lure to the young and brash.


A wicked, fearsome rhythm

creeps along

darkened tops of trees.

Tendrils snaking to and fro,

a silent hunter weaving

through limbs and rotted leaves.


The moon holds its breath,

no living thing stirs,

a pregnant pause in time.

As the evil breathes in

the scent of those wandering fools–

how utterly sublime.



Happy Halloween!

performance poetry

About the author

Heather Hubler

Coffee/reading/writing/family–my favorite things in life. I have a degree in biochemistry but my split personality loves creative writing just as much!

Visit me:


@heather_hubler on Twitter

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Comments (9)

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Gosh this was so eerie! Brilliant use of imageries! I loved this so much!

  • Dawn Saloisabout a month ago

    Excellent! Great job with the imagery and perfect for Halloween. 🎃

  • I do like the concept of the phrase "Hollow Woods" and a perfect poem for today and probably a Vocal Top Story.

  • Keila Aartilaabout a month ago

    I love this story! Great imagery, & easy to read rhythmically. 💀

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Ooh this is so spooky. Love it.

  • Jessey Anthonyabout a month ago

    Fantastic, I like the bitter sweet expression in your poem. Well done/

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Bravo!!! Your performance poem is fabulous!!!

  • Jordan Twissabout a month ago

    This was the perfect poem for Halloween. Delightfully spooky, and very well written. Well done!

  • Rick Henryabout a month ago

    Indelibly dark and scary. Well written.

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