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The Fever of Love

In the realm where hearts collide

By M.J. HUMPHREYPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
The Fever of Love
Photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash

In the realm where hearts collide,

Where passion's flames doth always abide,

There lies a fire that burns so bright,

A fever of love, an eternal delight.

Within this fevered realm, two souls unite,

Bound by a force they cannot fight,

Their hearts entwined, their spirits entwined,

In this sacred space, love's essence defined.

Oh, how the fever of love doth rise,

Igniting their souls, igniting their eyes,

A heat so fierce, it consumes their being,

Their desires aflame, forever freeing.

With every touch, a shiver of desire,

Their bodies entangled in a dance of fire,

Skin against skin, heart against heart,

They melt into one, never to be apart.

In the fevered haze of love's embrace,

Time stands still, the world erased,

Their bodies yearn, their souls aflame,

Lost in the ecstasy of love's sweet game.

They share stolen moments, secret whispers,

Promises exchanged, like gentle whispers,

In this fevered realm, they find solace and peace,

Their love a symphony, never to cease.

But, like all fevers, love too can wane,

The fire subsides, leaving only a stain,

Yet, the memory lingers, forever imprinted,

A testament to the love they once minted.

For in the fever of love, they found their bliss,

A moment in time they will forever miss,

Though the fire may fade, their love lives on,

In the depths of their souls, where it was spawned.

So, let us celebrate this fever of love,

A divine gift from the heavens above,

A force so potent, it can move mountains,

And fill our lives with untold fountains.

May we all be touched by love's sweet fever,

And find solace in its eternal endeavor,

For in the depths of its fiery embrace,

We discover the beauty of love's boundless grace.

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  • Poppy6 months ago

    This is so beautiful. I was going to mention the lines I loved but it was literally every one so I can’t. Just nominated it for top story on discord. Really good job

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