The Burdens We Carry

by Mel E. Furnish about a year ago in art

Poetry to Breakdown the Chains

The Burdens We Carry
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Crawling on hands and knees, something holds us back.

How can we fly with these chains we bear?

Add another; we will carry our prison with us until we crack.

Initially, it was a false sense of security from ourselves; now it’s a snare.

No one but ourselves can break these chains, no need to please the peers.

Sorrows, Regrets, Memories, Mistakes, Grudges, Fears.


Shattering pain, striking us down,

Over and over again, we relive our darkness.

Right onto the next test, let us gain some more chains,

Regrets, Memories, Mistakes, Grudges, Fears.

Oh, another burden to varnish.

Whipping us forward into reality, straining our brains.

Stumbling on the edge, between cheers or tears.


Replaying the past, self-loathe or self-pity.

Exhausting ourselves, pretending to fix everything.

Great, life doesn’t pause or freeze for you, witty.

Remorse with the self-induced sting,

Envision Memories, Mistakes, Grudges, Fears.

To the good feeling of falling apart.

Snatch me away from the pain of years.


Moments, a life-away from being lost forever.

Ever trying to capture our moments, protect in pictures and books.

Mistakes, Grudges, Fears, should be no matter, never.

Oh, but they will, and they will cut us like hooks.

Remember the good so that it can battle the evil.

Imagine the brighter side of things, grow from your ashes,

Everyone carries memories differently, upheaval.

Some forgive and some forget, some cherishes and some clashes.


Memories, all the good are fading now.

Invading their space, dark thoughts seep in.

Screaming when it swallows you back, how?

Tanking as the bad swarms us, the demons within.

A sinking heart, faintly beating.

Knowing what follows,

Ever begging for freedom, suffering refuses to lose grip, it’s still reaping.

Scared of what’s next?


Growing the negative shadows within our thoughts.

Remember those who hurt you, those who broke you?

Unify the pain with a monster to point at, to shame to blame.

Down we go, connecting the dots.

Grudges tainting our vision with purple, mix rageful red with beaten blue.

Ever carrying these pests, we forget to forgive, and we go lame.

Slipping yet? No worries, here comes Fears.


Fretful intelligence, blocking bliss from ignorance.

Enduring in this world, we are bound to lose innocence.

After seeing or surviving the darkest of paths,

Recoiling us back to a need for security blankets and bubble baths.

Seeking shelter to escape, rather than facing to fighting.

Mel E. Furnish
Mel E. Furnish
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