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Resurrection Interruptus

By ROCK Published 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Alyona Grishina on Unsplash

What the hell happened to you, faithful, floundering boy? You took every woman you could seize as an admission to your own court of indecency. Why? How? You took me to your mother, you said I was yours, you took me to your father, you said I was yours... was yours until I saw you. You took my special place, you discarded all of me; I prevailed. Your eyes were always positioned, ready for your next prey; I was keen and could smell your carrion well before its take. What happened to you good Catholic boy, why did you long for drunken nights with cloudless aims? How did you think life would be when I walked away, albeit unwillingly? You seek the reassurance that you have meaning in another's arms, yet failed to know the seed you sowed, still you have never grown? I heard you were alone, by the city docks, looking back to the sunset where once we swam as one. Please, find the message of a sailor's dream, pick up the bottle I have dreamed. An ancient scroll I present; your child is broken, your brother dead; and I was once your love. The world you shared was in greed; barren you live with all we heed. Sorrow beckons us all to mourn, yet old lover you were never born. Take and taking more and more, the bottle to baste your heart to mourn. You stole my trust, my belief in good, you gave me nothing, nothing, nothing hood. I am old, I should be better, but what you did scarred me forever. I want to face you and say you were wrong, yet my being now is much too strong. I do not wish you to perish or rot; I am in heaven and you are not.

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Comments (8)

  • Rowan Finley 5 months ago

    Raw and intense. It actually stirs a lot of questions in my mind.

  • My initial thought was that you may be scarred, but all he knows is emptiness. Your concluding lines were better.

  • Whoaaa, this was so intense and emotional! I loved it!

  • Babs Iverson5 months ago

    Brilliant, bold, and beautiful!!! Loved it!!! ♥️♥️💕

  • Hannah Moore5 months ago

    Damn, there is so much vitriol!

  • Oh my! What a powerful ending! This is emotionally bare and masterfully written, Rock! Just WOW!

  • J5 months ago

    Holy Hannah this is powerful! There is so much brilliant wordplay here; and the message… I am truly shook. Well hecking done.

  • Kimmiekins45 months ago

    Such a beautifully written piece!

ROCK Written by ROCK

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