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Sand Castles and Siren Songs

A journey from the shore to deep waters

By Holly PheniPublished 10 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - February 2024
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This little heartfelt piece of poetry was inspired by Poppy's Prompts for February, which is linked at the end so you can join. Poppy gave several words to choose from, with the option of using one or all. Right away, "siren" and "sand castle" called out to me, and this poem was born.

I hope it sings to your heart today.

Sand Castles and Siren Songs

I see you, little girl,

Building parapets of sand,

Clutching tiny grains of hope

So blithely in your hands.

Flags composed of sticks and paper

Posted proudly in the breeze,

Calling innocence to tarry

And the hand of time to freeze.


But you never saw it coming –

Till its shadow struck your face

A wave came crashing on your kingdom,

Laying all your dreams to waste.

Salty tears in salty water

Mingled with the seagull’s cry,

For the best of your sandcastles

The water rose too high.


You don’t know me yet, dear child

But I know you and recall

Oh the agony I felt that day

To see the castle fall.

Those waves no longer scare me,

For among them now I dwell

I grew up to be the siren

Singing songs you know so well.


Now you dream about adventures,

And imagine foreign shores,

You yearn to see the deeper things

Beneath the boggy moors.

You still have many waves to meet,

Many mountains yet to climb,

You will learn to swim the oceans

One sand castle at a time.


The wave that brought you tears that day

Will come to seem so small,

You will learn to raise your voice against

The clamor of the squall.

You will call aloud your siren song

To shore up sinking hearts,

And someday build a castle

That no tide can tear apart.


Hold on to hope, I sing to you,

A note across the years.

You gaze beyond the waves and then

I watch you dry your tears.

Determined yet, you fill your fists

With mud and start again.

“The next one will be bigger.”

You whisper to the wind.

I shall keep singing over you,

So when the wave unravels,

You’ll still remember ocean dreams

Begin with small sand-castles.

An end...

but also...

a beginning


Thanks for reading! Now, go visit Poppy and create your own heart siren song.

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Holly Pheni

This page is for dreamchasing, adventure, and catharsis. Hope my musings connect with others out there.

Blog: flyingelephantmom.com

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  • Poppy 9 days ago

    So well written! I love the eeriness of it. Really captivating!

  • masterplay979 days ago

    Great work

  • What a beautiful and well written poem! Congrats on top story! 😍

  • Back to say congratulations on your Top Story! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Meggen Olson 9 days ago

    I read this and fond memories of my childhood rise up in my mind. thank you for sharing this with us. Good luck with future projects.

  • Gerard DiLeo9 days ago

    Beautiful work.

  • So wonderful!

  • Anna 9 days ago


  • This is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a long while. Fantastic!

  • Naveed 9 days ago

    Superb work! Keep it up—congratulations!

  • Holy cow this was so good Holly!

  • JBaz9 days ago

    This did not take long for them to recognize brilliant work when the my read it Back to say congratulations

  • Paul Stewart9 days ago

    Back to say congrats on a fine Top Story, Holly. Not surprised to see this one the main page, at all!

  • Ashley Shiflett9 days ago


  • Such a beautifully hopeful poem x So well crafted, gordeius!

  • L.C. Schäfer9 days ago

    Back to say WELL DONE and congrats on your T.S.!

  • Christy Munson9 days ago

    Love this! I wrote a mermaid tale, Adrift, some while back. I'd love to think your siren went on to whisper in my ear. Beautiful, haunting work.

  • JBaz10 days ago

    Holly, Absolutely mesmerizing in all the right ways. This brought out emotions I thought long bottled up. I am trying to pick a favourite line or phrase and cannot, they are perfect together.

  • Whoaaaa! This was so mindblowingly magical and mesmerising! So stunningly beautiful! I loved your poem so much! Hope you're doing well my friend. I was so happy to see your name in my notifications!

  • Randy Baker10 days ago

    Well done! I love the rhythm of this one, as well as the message.

  • Cathy holmes10 days ago

    So beautiful and inspirational. I love this one.

  • Babs Iverson10 days ago

    Marvelous!!! Poignantly written & loved it!!!💕♥️♥️

  • Magically beautiful, filled with childhood dreams & fantasies carried forth into grownup realities filled with hope & promise.

  • L.C. Schäfer10 days ago

    I lingered on this bit: Calling innocence to tarry/And the hand of time to freeze ❤️

  • Paul Stewart10 days ago

    Ethereal...is a word that gets overused...but this just had that quality. Stunning, Holly, stunning. And I played the music, sounds with it and it just gave this very otherwordly feel. Magical writing.

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