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a love poem

By Gina C.Published 9 months ago 1 min read
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In the hush,


the sigh and pine of dusk, I

feel your aura call, and

the lust of you is all I

need to numb my skin, (to)

knit my soul that is akin to tin…

to you.



this room the dark can fade, and

in my womb there is an ache, and

I hope that Here,

a life is made, with

the song that is of me, and

the calm that is of you.



curl and arc of pale, June moon -


the rush it is to

have you in our view, may

we sow a cup of hope dust in

the lull and glow of you?


will mold and wish her into star, we

will hold her in our arms, she

will be the part of us that ties

our love into the sky, like

the dove that is of me,


the moon milk beam (that is)

of you.



silk and wrap me with

your kiss;


the stir of both our lips, I

can’t find a city (in) the sky I feel

will vie the high

of this.


kind and cozy warm, you are…

so much so, my

mind and body star... (they)

bend to you --and--

mend with you -

(as if we were)

amid a sea of glue and Eden tar, this

drop of dew upon my hips (is)

all that I can wish, it’s

a gift to give this moon.dust.soul a life to

live with you -- so pure and soft,

so rich.



the pool of warm and sun


the ink of hope buds into dawn...


blot of dark upon our love will

turn into a swan that

is the song of me, and

is the calm of you, for

(from this very spot) the hush and rush

have gone, (and she)

will be the hue of me, and

the blue moon ease (that is)

so true and is

of you.


-Gina C. 🧚‍♀️✨

love poems

About the Creator

Gina C.


  • Twice-published in Vocal's Moment of Freedom Collection:

My Soul of Red

Free Verse

Free-Form poet of ethereal style🧚‍♀️✨

Fantasy writer

A sucker for a good rhyme☺️

Fueled by a conflicted soul of fire & water

TT: poetry.in_pajamas

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Comments (34)

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  • Test6 months ago

    Very relatable! Well written!

  • Samrah nadeem7 months ago


  • Samrah nadeem7 months ago

    Nice story 👍

  • I found you thanks to Paul and his Vocal Deep Cuts piece. I’m very glad I did. Your poetry gives such beautiful feeling to read 🤍✨

  • MANOJ K 9 months ago

    Great thank u for give me wonderful reading experience keep it up give suggestions my posts and subscribe me !! HAVE A WONDER FUL DAY

  • I thought I'd missed this but then noticed a comment at the bottom. But loved the revisit.

  • Oneg In The Arctic9 months ago

    This is so beautifully written :) really… soft and all warm fluffy feeling

  • Holly Pheni9 months ago

    This is a dreamy dance across stars (and silk sheets.)😉 Very well done as always.

  • Dana Stewart9 months ago

    This is so beautiful I’m speechless!

  • Mackenzie Davis9 months ago

    "Thin curl and arc of pale, June moon - oh, the rush it is to have you in our view, may we sow a cup of hope dust in the lull and glow of you?" My favorite part aside from the closing lines. Absolute beauty. I can't help but envision you as a prolific bard, in a time when bards sang to lute song. You seem to have music in your soul and heart, and it spills out in perfect meter and rhyme, and with thread of unique magic. This poem is spectacular. A true moment of love and hope for the future captured in verse. I feel you have taken the wish of my own heart and placed it on the page, the beauty shining for all to see. Utterly masterful. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ward Norcutt9 months ago

    some very lovely imagery here and a completed thread of story - very nice

  • Grz Colm9 months ago

    Great job Gina! ☺️👏✨ Wonderful piece and cool and cozy image as well! See, you can do your THING with four words! I don’t know how you did it but you did! I can’t think of anything.. I seem to start a few short lines and it doesn’t go anywhere. Oh well. Such is life. Do you plan this intricately or does it just flow?

  • Whoaaaaa! Your poem made me extremely awestruck! I don't think anyone can write about this in a more beautiful way than you have. You also made this challenge as easy as taking candy from a kid! You are so wowwwww!

  • Jay Kantor9 months ago

    Dear Ms. Gina - Ah, you "Drop-Dew" onto my 2 new 'Hips' - Always fun to see what you come up with next - Jay

  • A night, not simply of passion, but of a much fuller love & hope for the future, so beautifully expressed I had to read it three times through, Gina. Marvelous.

  • Moe Radosevich9 months ago

    Absolutely stunning my friend, bravo 😊😊

  • Cendrine Marrouat9 months ago

    We all know who will win this challenge. Gina, give others a damn chance, will you? 😂 Phenomenal, as always!

  • Heather Hubler9 months ago

    You simply weave magic into words with such beauty and gentleness and heart. Now I don't know which entry is my favorite!! Loved it so much!!!

  • Tiffany Gordon 9 months ago

    Gurl! This is gorgeous! So sensual & dreamy! I love it! So brilliantly crafted! This was so divine! Go Gina Go! So🔥!

  • J. S. Wade9 months ago

    Oooooo the silken threads you spin into a fine cloth of poetry. Beautiful poem Gina 🥰

  • Rob Angeli9 months ago

    Expresses love, union, the creation of life on every level. The degree of inner complexity you have built from such simple words is breathtaking: so many things come together in this. Loved this: "amid a sea of glue and Eden tar, this drop of dew upon my hips (is) all that I can wish" So unique. Thanks. :)

  • Marilyn Glover9 months ago

    Beautiful work, Gina! 🥰

  • Meg9 months ago

    So beautiful!

  • Babs Iverson9 months ago

    Lovely!!! Loved it!!!♥️♥️💕

  • Dana Crandell9 months ago

    You spin words into the finest wool, Gina! I agree; you've created a winner here.

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