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Music Box

by Mel E. Furnish 3 years ago in inspirational · updated about a year ago
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Eyes open,


Heart beating,


Welcome to the world,

Let your life come unfurled.

Bright lights and smiling faces,

This is just the first of places.

Growing up, a chore for all.

You bawl and crawl.

Getting bigger everyday, growing tall,

Learning to walk, and sometimes fall.

Music box melodies play,

Your evolving mind will weigh,

With dreams or fears,

Chasing and facing them with tears.

Memories with a sorrowful or cheery glisten,

Outlining your beautifully crazy life.

Full of laughter or pain, just listen.

What is the point of this ironic strife?

Questions and answers, some we’ll never know.

Spend your life pursuing them, it’ll go by like, whoa.

Or watch days fly by without a care, letting them die slow.

Take this life for granted, you say you want to go?

Hurting yourself, killing yourself, oh, please no…

Drugs, alcohol, lies; reap what you sow.

Escaping from life, fleeing what you don’t know,

Was fought for you, all those years ago.

I know some never had real parents, you?

Those who did, take moments to reflect, just a few.

Years were spent, caring as you grew.

They could’ve picked a different path, but they picked you.

Countless sleepless nights, whew.

All those hours wasted to you, but not to their view.

To them it was all part of their journey, for a new,

Life, one they created with real love and loyalty like glue.

Now, as you wish away time; they pray for more, more with you.

They stare in the distance, pondering on a clue,

Some think they're crazy, others think they’re blue.

No, they’re just looking back, back on time with you.

Reminiscing on what’s passed, what they’ve been through.

Remembering what they’ve lost, what they wished they could do.

Hoping for a chance to see something that's flew,

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, you.

Over and over we try,

To out-sing Death’s lullaby.

Yet for us, come,

Ringing the bells of some,

Heavenly sanctuary or roaring darkness?

Will we see our loved ones, or will we fade, starkless?

Memories left behind to fade or glow,

Tucked between artifact or photo.

We live on in the words and stories they tell.

On we will dwell,

In the hearts of those, we’ve saved from hell,

Touched, and loved, as if under a spell.

Whatever we believe, what if it were true?

What if our minds are the perfect brew,

That deliver us, to becoming anew?

Our minds of unknown powers,

What if imagination could extend our hours?

What if our beliefs, become our timeless towers?

What if we became what we always wanted to be?

What if we found peace, in what we foresee?

What if we had a choice in where to see,

The rest of our eternity?

What if Death is meant to come after we have the key?

What if after we age, after we forgive, after we find peace and plea,

The gate of our belief, to open for us to enter, and be free?

Music box when you play, we sleep,

Drifting us away, where do you keep,

All us individual ones,

Us, daughters and sons?

After watching The Sixth Sense and finding myself rather extra emotional today, I decided to listen to some music box melodies. It didn't take long for me to start writing this piece. I was pondering on life and death and all the crazy adventures in between. From stories I recall, ones I've been told and ones that I've read, I wanted to create a poem that I could make at least some people relate to, in hopes that maybe one day, people will "wake up" and or "look up" and live their life to its fullest.

I can't help but refer to the song by NF, "Wake Up" and a video called, Look Up. I have loved their messages and forgotten them at times, but still like to keep so that I can remind myself what's really important.

I have listed these below, I highly recommended watching these videos!

I first watched this video, from what seems like years ago now, and the problem it touches on, is sadly only seeming to get worse.

Escaping in our own little illusion, hiding away inside a little fake world we carry with us everywhere, like a security blanket. Almost every single one of us is guilty of keeping our best friend and worst enemy attached to our hip. Our phones can bring us temporary comfort and scrolling through memes and quotes to give us a fleeting moment of joy. However, there are many things that are phones do badly to us. Crippling our skills and our mental health is just some of the damage we either have ignored or faced.

Nothing compared to what the real world right in front of us can offer. We are losing our communication skills, we are slowly losing our abilities to cope, we are slowly losing what we need to be human. We need our thoughts to be free, not locked on a screen. How can you expect your child to be creative and grow up to create new things and build cities if they can't pull themselves away from a screen?

You can be creative with a screen, sure, but it will all become the same. For something new, you need to detach yourself from your comfort zone, spend time in nature, spend time alone in silence, and just think. For some people, thinking is scary because they have a dark mind with menacing thoughts that haunt them and threaten to take them down a dark path. Most creatives do. This is just what we need to create our best works. What scares us, makes us stronger once we face it. We can't grow without pain and change. How ironic?

You can't keep hiding in your phone forever, you need to let go and free yourself before you lose yourself. We naturally crave attention, phones have made it so we expect all attention, instant gratification, instant everything. Connections with people who we will never really bond with until we can look them in the eye and share real moments with.

We can't let ourselves be crippled, because life doesn't work the way we want it to. Make things easier for yourself in the long run, and wake up.

NF has come out with several good songs over the years. So many powerful lyrics and flows that he executes to send chills down our spines. His most recent album, The Search, I recommend listening to. Mental health is something I believe this next generation is really going to struggle with. Hopefully one day, someone will find the answers to what our future needs. For now, we should raise our awareness and start making changes so that we can better help each other and ourselves.


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