by Mel E. Furnish about a year ago in art

Clomp, clomp

Clomp, clomp,

Shush, here he comes.

Clomp, clomp,

Monster, feet like drums.

Click, click,

Body shaking.

Click, click,

World quaking.

Bang, bang!

Heart stops,

Bang, bang!

A body drops.

Pow, pow, pow!

Enraged, he strays.

Blood sprays, is he crazed?

Craves power, Revenge he praised.

Lost or broken, thoughts a-haze.

Just a phase?

Hell no, he's a maze.

Pain and torment raised.

Abandoned or abused, what sways,

His mind to kill all trapped in the haze?

Bullied or ignored, never held his gaze.

Media remains silent, or talks for days.

His wants and needs, you never pleasin',

Makes you die for a “reason”.

You can't understand, because he can't cope.

Nothing left, he lost all hope.

Slipping down his life's slope,

He won’t try, he'd rather mope.

He'd rather steal your son or daughter,

Take them out like lambs for slaughter.

When he himself would like to die.

Instead he will only try,

To spray bullets awry.

Instead of facing his problems, he hides, sly,

Even when they beg and cry,

He’d rather be, the weak bad guy.

All the kids and teachers killed,

All the innocent blood spilled.

What price will he pay?

We shall not delay.

So much was taken,

All the lives he has shaken.

So much was lost.

All at what cost?

Lock away in darkness to ponder?

Or do unto him, what he did to them?

No need to wonder.

To destroy a monster, let live no longer.

Mel E. Furnish
Mel E. Furnish
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Mel E. Furnish

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