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Love, in all its Storms

An Inverse Poem

By Caroline JanePublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Love, in all its Storms
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"We are broken,"

we can no longer say,

"We can carry on,"


"We can rise,"

as rage subsides...

we see


My Love,

We must move on.

So much water has passed between us.

"The uncertainty hurts."

We cannot say,



"What matters."



Can you see?

I can see...

in these clear skies...


What we are...

Tears falling.

Lost to the wind...

Inside an ocean...

droplets forgotten.

We will never be...


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About the Creator

Caroline Jane

Warm-blooded vertebrate, domesticated with a preference for the wild. Howls at the moon and forages on the dark side of it. Laughs like a hyena. Fuelled by good times and fairy dust. Writes obsessively with no holes barred.

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  • Teresa Renton21 days ago

    Another clever one! You can do this lady 😂. I wrote one and worked so hard to make it make sense both ways (which it did), that I forgot it had to mean different things when reversed 🙈 Back to the drawing board 🤷‍♀️😂

  • L.C. Schäfer22 days ago

    Very clever, good luck in the challenge!

  • This was so good. You nailed the art of the reverse poem

  • Naomi Gold23 days ago

    Masterful exploration of some of my favorite themes. I especially liked it in reverse (that’s what she said 🙃.) ‘We will never be... droplets forgotten. we can no longer say, “We are broken”’ Love that so much. 🩷

  • Andie Emerson25 days ago

    Wow you are a damn of an amazingly talented writer!

  • Ali SP26 days ago

    This was beautifully written!

  • Naveed 27 days ago

    Beautifully layered & wonderfully expressive.

  • Whoaaaa, it was soooo powerful when read in reverse! You nailed this challenge!

  • Jay Kantor27 days ago

    Cj - Well you've certainly 'Flipped-Me'...You write on so many topics ~ as a writer ~ you write what's on the table at the time...! Just Marvelous, Jk

  • Caroline Craven27 days ago


  • Babs Iverson27 days ago

    Brilliant!!! ❤️❤️💕

  • Mason Darnielle27 days ago

    Deep love it :) Subbed

  • Cathy holmes27 days ago

    You did it! And you did it beautifully.

  • D.K. Shepard27 days ago

    Amazing work! This is a really striking inverse poem! Love how you orchestrated the flip!

  • Toby Heward27 days ago

    Interesting approach

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