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Dance of Absolution

A villanelle drawn from the maxim that [sometimes] you have to lose yourself to find yourself.

By Caroline JanePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - December 2023
Dance of Absolution
Photo by Tom Rogerson on Unsplash

"Yes." I inhale. "You are quite right."

My golden embers burn into the sketchy dusk and fade away.

"It is much easier to lose yourself at night."

I lean into the brace of our shadows as they rise to steal the light,

dancing in the hushed score of a frayed end day.

"Yes." I exhale. "You are quite right,

dying is much better when done out of sight.

We are creatures, and this is our way.

It is much easier to lose yourself at night.

There is a depth to the dark that is absent to the bright."

I smile. You are already halfway to far away.

"Yes." I nod. "You are quite right,

we should give ourselves completely. Why put up a fight?

We can breathe in the dark and be where we stray.

It is much easier to lose yourself at night."

My breath plumes from me. A phoenix taking flight.

I close my eyes and feel the world in sway.

"Yes," I whisper, "You are quite right,

it is much easier to lose yourself at night."



About the Creator

Caroline Jane

Warm-blooded vertebrate, domesticated with a preference for the wild. Howls at the moon and forages on the dark side of it. Laughs like a hyena. Fuelled by good times and fairy dust. Writes obsessively with no holes barred.

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Comments (39)

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  • JBaz20 days ago

    You can put music to this poem. You created an emotional movement with this piece.

  • C. H. Richardabout a month ago

    Beautiful poem ❤️ It had the essence of a romantic song. Loved it❤️ Congratulations on your win!

  • Alison McBainabout a month ago

    Excellent poem! I loved your dialogue.

  • Natalie Wilkinson2 months ago

    Congratulations ! I love how you managed to make this sound modern even within a traditional form.

  • Gina C.2 months ago

    Congratulations, Caroline! 😍 I loved this one from the start! Well-deserved! 🤗

  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    Wow! This was so unique, Caroline. I see why it earned a badge. Congrats!!!

  • Awesomeeee congratulations!!! 🎉💖🎊🎉💖🎊

  • Dana Crandell2 months ago

    Congratulations again, Caroline! This is one of my favorites1

  • D.K. Shepard2 months ago

    Congrats! This was excellent in all ways! Resonated strongly!

  • Paul Stewart2 months ago

    Ms Jones congrats on another bloody marvellous placement! Well done well done!

  • Shirley Belk2 months ago


  • Grz Colm2 months ago

    Love this message and terrific Villanelle! Came here by way of your leaderboard placement! Congrats Caroline. 😊👏

  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    This one is definitely a contender. I'd wish you luck in the challenge but I don't think you need it 😎

  • Denise E Lindquist2 months ago

    Wow. Congrats on top story🎉🎉🎉

  • Rachel Deeming2 months ago

    I loved this. Made me thoughtful and sort of longing for quiet to contemplate.

  • Donna Fox (HKB)2 months ago

    This was hauntingly beautiful! Calming and yet bone chilling in the sentiment it carried as a theme!! Great work Caroline and congrats on Top Story!

  • Dana Crandell2 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on the top story. The intricacy of this is breathtaking. Lines like I close my eyes and feel the world in sway just swept me away. Amazing work

  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    So clever! I haven't got the hang of this form 😁

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Wonderful!!! Love this!!! ❤️❤️💕Congratulations on Top Story!!!

  • Mackenzie Davis2 months ago

    Gobsmacked, Caroline, absolutely. Wow. This is a winner, I smell it in the air. What a brilliant villanelle! The way you enjambed your lines, continued sentences across stanzas, is just amazingly done. Bravo!

  • I'm back to say congratulations on your Top Story!

  • K. Kocheryan2 months ago

    Congrats on Top Story. Lovely Villanelle.

  • Paul Stewart2 months ago

    Oh, Caroline, lassie. What did I say? Hm? What did I say? lol. Congrats on a fine fine fineass Top Story!

  • Naveed 2 months ago

    Congratulations on achieving top story status!

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