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Leaf & Dove

a love poem

By Gina C.Published 7 months ago 2 min read
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I was lost a bit, I know...

gone in

the fog and grit,

and snow.

And now,

I’m not sure what I have

come back to, babe.




it can be so easy just

to cry and lose my wit, (but I)

do know that what we’re of is love (and not)

of hate, or hurt, or rage, or war, or jade that ends

in fit.




deep into my skin, you do…


won’t let me off the hook (I’m like)

a fish, and you

won’t let me sink,

or swim,

or wade in one more day with you.




the hope and vim out of me, baby -


only what you say

you gave me, I’ll

bow down to you

and beg you now

to stay and kiss and love me like

I know the fool in you

deep down does want

to do.




eat up all

my life (much like)

the lion, like

the Leo that you are…

I know that it can feed your ego when

I weep and say, “don’t run away -

here is who and what we are.”




and tell me now,

is this the way it has to be?

Is our love a nail or spar of jade -

are we amid a war of hurt

and scar and hate and rage?

Or have we only lost

the key to free us from

this box and from

this cage?


Is it


lust or is it love?

Is it rust or is it

gold that has been

lost in all the mud? We

sift the ruin set amid us,

have we

ever been a tale of

leaf and dove?

(Can we)

find just one kind act to fill our cup (now that we)

are on the bar and want

to jump?


Is it dust or is it love?

Can we

move past this wall amid us, will

you toss me just one bone or will you

tug and pull the rug?


I will set the past on fire, babe


will pay no mind to rust or jade.

For as I’ve told

I know it’s gold

of what we’re cast and have

been made.



to love you is a must,

and I know you need me and that this -

that we

are love and not just lust.



let’s be free from jail,

my love -

let us make bail...

we are a tale

of leaf, and cure, and let, and be, and dove.


-Gina C. 🧚‍♀️✨

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About the Creator

Gina C.


  • Twice-published in Vocal's Moment of Freedom Collection:

My Soul of Red

Free Verse

Free-Form poet of ethereal style🧚‍♀️✨

Fantasy writer

A sucker for a good rhyme☺️

Fueled by a conflicted soul of fire & water

TT: poetry.in_pajamas

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)7 months ago

    This was wondering through a Journey of Love 😍 ❤️💯📝😉❗

  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    Lovely!!! Beautiful lines!!! Loving this!!❤️❤️💕

  • Oh my goodness! You potrayed the ups and downs of love so well! I loved the uncertainty throughout the poem and the clarity at the ending!

  • Mackenzie Davis7 months ago

    Truly amazing poetry. I can never write like you do, and I'm glad, because I get to read the fruits of your labor and stand in awe of it. Magnificent rhyming and pacing, the meter is sublime, and you seem to always capture magic. I relate so much to the message here, and I love that you incorporate the work it takes to succeed in a loving relationship. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I do hope this places!

  • Heather Hubler7 months ago

    Where were all these words when I was looking, lol?? You have the best use of vocabulary, my friend. This had such an amazing feel to it, my friend :)

  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    This right here "Is our love a nail or spar of jade - are we amid a war of hurt and scar and hate and rage? Or have we only lost the key to free us from this box and from this cage?" Wonderful words. Well done, my friend.

  • Emma Kate Coleman7 months ago

    Wow, Gina! I love the word choices you’ve made here! I’m still thinking about that rust and the gold in the mud… 🙂

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