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I Didn't Notice You

by Gary D Holdaway 2 months ago in love poems

A Poem

I Didn't Notice You
Photo by Denis Degioanni on Unsplash

When we first met I didn’t notice you.

I had no need for a woman,

no gaps within my soul to fill.

My heart was a wreck,

As was my life.

No time, or space,

or place for a romance.

I was drowning my sorrows in beer and nicotine,

And, of course, vodka.

Complaining to a friend that was not yet a friend,

When you entered among his usual crowd.

He gave the introductions and I gave little care in exchange,

Lost in mind to misery and dark thoughts.

It wasn’t until weeks after that I first saw you—

Really saw you,

And by now we both know…

I saw you too soon.

But at the time, for me,

It was magic…

At first it was like watching footprints in the sand,

Washed smooth with the retreat of a fresh wave.

Next it was like witnessing the sunrise,

But for the first time, through the eyes of a new born.

Beauty and bewilderment,

Opportunity and excitement,

A whole world of wonders to explore.

I was reborn in you.

My heart beat for the first time in months—

A happy beat,

One I hadn’t felt in years.

We were running, drinking, laughing, joking.

Growing closer with each passing day.

Each text.

Each phone call.

Each meal.

Each event.

It was us at centre stage.

It was engulfing… you were everything.

WE… were everything.

Our whirlwind sucked in everybody around us.

Everybody and every thing.

Our statue was soon carved in the stars,

For better or worse—

Our souls entwined,

For better or worse.

Entangled eternally in the ending abyss of experience.

We became us.

We became us quickly.

We became us violently, at the expense of many hearts.

We became us hotly, vividly, wildly.

And then… we broke.

We became us in a different way.

A darker way, a sadder way.

A dimmer, and evermore painful way.

Yet still our statue stands among the dipper,

Beside Orion and Gemini,

Aquarius and Leo,

Cancer and Taurus.

Waiting. Ever waiting.

For a better time, in a better place.

For a better us.

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About the author

Gary D Holdaway

An avid writer from the UK with a passion for words! Whether I'm posting my musings to social media or creating longform content for the masses, You can bet I'm somewhere trying to make sense of this wonderful chaos we call the universe.

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