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Eternal Flames of Love

A Journey Through the Depths of Affection and Devotion

By RamyaPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

Love is a flame that burns so bright
A spark that ignites with all its might
It fills the heart with warmth and light
And makes the world a little more right

Love is a feeling that's hard to describe
It's like a rollercoaster ride
Full of ups and downs, twists and turns
But it's a journey that's worth the burns

Love is a song that the heart sings
A melody that makes it soar on wings
It's a symphony of joy and bliss
A feeling that can never miss

Love is a garden that needs to be tended
With patience, care, and attention blended
It blooms and blossoms like a flower
And stays forever, through every hour

Love is a dance that's never-ending
Two souls swaying, bodies blending
It's a rhythm that flows with grace
A bond that time cannot erase

Love is a story that's written in the heart
It's a tale that's timeless and never apart
It's a journey that's full of surprise
And it's a feeling that never dies

Love is a magic that's hard to explain
It's a mystery that's hard to restrain
It's a force that's beyond the mind
And it's a feeling that's one of a kind

Love is a gift that's given from above
It's a treasure that's pure and full of love
It's a feeling that's hard to contain
And it's a bond that forever will remain

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  • Mr Blacky6 months ago


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