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Escape From Modernity

by The Soulful Scribbler 26 days ago in inspirational · updated 24 days ago

A longing.

Escape From Modernity
Photo by Matthew Sichkaruk on Unsplash

City, streets, people, cars,

Kids, noise, pollution, gastro bars,

Suffocating flats, invisible waves from tech devices,

Junk food, sugary drinks, and plastic bags in all crevices.

Longing to escape the soul-tainting modernity.


To a place amidst a sea of tall, lush green trees,

Brimming with chirping birds and honey bees,

Crystal clear waters to swim and bathe in stunning peace,

Fruit and roots, nuts and mushrooms to eat, aplenty.

Longing to blend into mother nature’s flabbergasting beauty.


In a wooden cottage surrounded by endless serene lakes,

Sniffing the pristine aroma of the raw oak, a cure for all my aches,

A place just for me and my soul to unwind and relax, step on those brakes,

To heal from the stress and chaos rendered by the greedy city.

Longing to linger forever, far away from senseless modernity.


Drowned in hundreds of books, incense sticks, and scented soy candles,

Freshly ground coffee, a basketful of tea leaves, crystals placed at all angles,

A place to read by the biggest window looking out into the mystic wood,

Blissful slow jazz from a spinning vinyl mesmerizing my ears, it feels so good.

Longing to freeze these priceless moments and keep reliving them for eternity.


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The Soulful Scribbler

Teacher, Scientist, Writer, Reader, Poet

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The Soulful Scribbler
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