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Distr…Hey, What’s That


By Kelli Sheckler-AmsdenPublished 6 days ago Updated 6 days ago 1 min read
Distr…Hey, What’s That
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Days dissolve like sugar, in a heart made of glass. Water blends them effortlessly, one to the next.

Inching us unknowingly, to that preverbal edge. A lifelike game - connect the dots, directing our steps.

Standing here, I’m peering blindly over its ledge, I fear now, there is no going back. I missed the warning that we’re not supposed to look down, still unaware that we are under attack.

Too late to change the choices that I’ve already made. I’m not sure now, if I can even be saved.

Reality threw a curve ball and hard upper cut, slashing deeply into my pretty face.

Answers that I needed, have been completely replaced, with new distractions, that have picked up the slack.

Can’t escape the feeling that I need to go back, counting every blow, creating this crack.

Time will tell the story of the times I have asked, but it doesn’t seem like I’ve got the knack.

Imagination saves me, keeps us moving ahead. Drawing my attention elsewhere, and something new, instead.

Onward still we go, until we reach our once, original goal. (Before we found we’d gotten distracted.)

Now here we stand, content with all the dots we’ve connected. Ignorance is bliss when we don’t see the rejection. So many other things to do, to grab our attention. (Thank goodness we don’t realize it’s all a distraction.)

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Telling stories my heart needs to tell <3 life is a journey, not a competition

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  • Brenton F4 days ago


  • Whoaaa Kelli, from your title, I thought it was gonna be some kinda funny poem. But this was soooo deep! You did an amazing job!

  • But a distraction from what? The wandering nature of your composing here, like little Tommy's path from playing to home in "The Family Circus", so perfectly embodies for us the distractions of which you write. Extremely well done!

  • Cathy holmes6 days ago

    This is great. Well done.

  • "Days dissolve like sugar, in a heart made of glass." What an opening line! This one packs a punch.

  • This really hit, you nailed it, and a great image

  • Excellent Stuff❤️💯📝❗

  • Mariann Carroll6 days ago

    Great take on the Challenge 👏👍

  • Luke Foster6 days ago

    Good take on the challenge. Interesting and deep. Really enjoyed ❤️

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