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The Moon Child

A Rose for a Goddess

To one I knew as only a girl, the school friend whom I wanted and needed, the girlfriend with whom intimacy was but a fleeting moment, the one I thought I would marry... from whom time and space took me away.


When time was as a dawn

That cast the dew upon the lawn,

And em'rald hues adorned the leaf,

The days were all too brief...

For I loved you then, Diana.


It was a summer’s morn

That sparked that feeling to be born

Within a heart too young to stand

Against that spark’s command…

I saw only you, Diana.


T’was shortly after spring,

With nestlings taken to the wing,

Our eyes wide open to the sky,

And clouds just drifting by…

You were in my dreams, Diana.


As if the spring were night

And summer dared the morning light,

I shrugged away the common sense,

Ignored the reticence…

Held you in my thoughts, Diana.


And summer moved along,

And you became the distant song.

Then autumn dimmed the daylit hues,

Beclouding earthly views…

But I do recall, Diana.

r. nuñez, 2/2019

love poems
r. nuñez
r. nuñez
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